Exchange 2007 Public folder problem after removing legacy exchange 2003

I migrated from exchange 2003 to exchange 2007 from 1 Year ago !
when I ran MS BPA I found name of old servers of  exchange 2003
I went with Adsiedit and I deleted admin group  and servers of exchange 2003

I read solutations for this problem and I created pf hierarchy container and the pf hierarchy tree

But I have last step missed I cannot found the attribute msExchOwningPFTree on public folder under storage group  under my server.

how i Can fic this issue ?
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Ehab_NassarAuthor Commented:
kindly, I read this article and I already created "Folder Hierarchies " because it was not there

but I don't find  msExchOwningPFTreeBL attribute  on properties of Public folder storage group

what I can do to find this attritbute , all articles explain that this attribute is there ! but  Idon't find it in my case
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Ehab_NassarAuthor Commented:
I found  this article
Is it ok that article for my case, also I don't understand what mean by this line "check adsi to make sure all objectes were deleted."

I need help plzzzzzz
Hello Ehab,

Can i help you in re creating the Folder Heirarchies?

Let me know..

Email Address deleted and request to work remotely removed.

Alan Hardisty
EE Zone Advisor

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Ehab_NassarAuthor Commented:
Hi Jawad I apperciate your help, so please go on
I don't have communication server so how we will start live meeting i'm not familiar with it

could i add u to my google talk or my msn

waiting for your assistant

Email addresses deleted

Alan Hardisty
EE Zone Advisor

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Ehab_NassarAuthor Commented:
we can use teamviewer tool it is nice from remote administration
or u can do remote assistant to my PC and i have  Citrix Remote desktop to my servers

anything but I need your help as our public folder is down
jawad1481Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hell All,

IN this case the problem was .... You will get to see thsese attributes in ADSIEDIT
Configuration --> Microsoft exchange --> ORG --> ADmin groups --> Exch admn groups --> Folder heirarchies --> public folders --> properties --> MSEXCHOWNINGPFTREEBL was <not set>

Configuration --> Microsoft exchange --> ORG --> ADmin groups --> Exch admn groups --> Servers --> Exchange server --> information store -> SG6 --> Public Folder --> properties --> Also the msexchowningPFTREE was <not set>

I copied the DN of the Folder heirarchies --> Public folders.


we went to EMC --> Mount the public folder store.

Happy Ending.....



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