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Active directory account lock every time

Hi all,

I am on a domain 2003, DC are in standard version and SP2, and i have an issue about one account. This account is lock sometimes whitout (human) logon failure. I search in security logs but nothing i don't find lock log and logon failure.

Can you help me?
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Did you check all DCs event logs?
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I checked all dc in site
Does the user of this account have a mobile device with access to emails ?
remove the paasword lockout policy and check. Beacuse if you have any password lock out policy and if he saved his password in any software and changed his password then this kind of problem will come.

In my case i saved my password in one toolbar then my account was locking every often.
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You need to be looking for Netlogon errors. DNS sounds like it is causing the issue. Check the PC and make sure it is using the correct ip addresses for DNS resolution.
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Use the Account Lockout Status tool from microsoft to see which Server requested that the account is locked. Then check the Security log for details of that account which is being locked.
No account have no mobile device and mailbox, it is a services account
I can't remove policy i am on production, and password didn't change and no body change it
I can't install any application on DC, so i try Account Lockout Status tool from my desktop and i have no result when i chose select target (with correct account)
Did you use netwrix tool?
Want to try using the acctinfo.dll? to get more details about the account

Account Lockout and Management Tools

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