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Microsoft Exchange System Attendant failed to add the lcoal computer

Dear all,

My exchange is down now... all exchange services stopped.

in the event viewer i found these errors.
Microsoft Exchange System Attendant failed to add the local computer as a member of the DS group object 'cn=Exchange Domain Servers,cn=Users,dc=aaa,dc=local'.

my exchange server also a domain controller.

In Activedirectory users computers exchange domain servers i didn't find my exchange server account. Even in computers accounts also i didn't find my exchanger server account.

How to resolve this issue... please help me.


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Tony J
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Assuming the computer account hasn't been deleted (if you turn on advanced features in AD Users and Computers and then do a search in the entire domain for its name, when you right-click, properties, you can see a new tab called "Object" that will list the full path to the machine) the following may be of some use to you:

open ADUC on Domain Controller --> Right click on Domain --> find ---> Search for Exchange server account. If its not present then go to run window --> Type ADSIEDIT.msc

Expand Configuration partition --> Services --> Microsoft Exchange --> First Org --> Administrative groups --> First ADMin groups --> Servers --> Exchange server object.

Check if you have Exchange Server object.

let me know.


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Yes, Computer Account is not there... ADUC---DomainControllers-- here i did not find exchanger server computer account.
so that i created manually... i added in Exchang domain servers group.

than i restarted eventhough not services not starting.

It's no good just looking in one place though - it could have been moved to another part of Active Directory.

However, if it let you recreate the account with the same name, that suggests somone deleted it and you have other problems if that's the case!
In the first Admin groups i can see my exchange server name: there i can see first information store also but when i am expanding i am getting error saying ms exchange information store service is not running... ...
yes r we can have a look. is it ok for you with teamviewer.
because i don't logme accounts.
Team viewer...

Good luck tracking it down gents - give me a shout if I can be of any assistance, but I suspect you're in safe hands and won't need it.
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ok i took precautionery steps, my request is don't delete points for jawad.