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How do I reset all domain group policy to defaults.

Hello everyone.  

I have a small problem in group policy.  I had a 2003 R2 DC.  Then I added a 2008 Std & then a 2008 R2 Ent. DC.  Then I removed the 2003 R2 from the domain.  Raised the domain and forest functional level to 2008.

I'm having problems with Offline files on some windows 7 and XP computers.  I have my group policy off.  (default)  With GP off, a couple workstations are still trying to sync offline files to the 2003 R2 DC, which is not in the domain anymore.  I removed the Offline GP before I removed the 2003 R2 DC.  I also checked that its not applied anymore.  Right now, gpresult gives me nothing that will help.

 I also have System Center Essentials Installed, and that's the only GP that is applied.

In the GP "SCE Managed Computers Group Policy (MAIN_MG)" I'm getting an error- telling me I have to update my ADM files.  How do I update them, and which ones?

Please help.  
(I'm from Russia, and a couple of my servers are in Russian, so posting logs.. or something... I think will not help, unless you know Russian ))).  Please ask, I will try to translate my logs and errors as close as possible to the original English Server OS)

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After removing  old DC from the domain via ntdsutil or dcpromo, you have to manually remove the dns entry for the old server from your dns console & Active directory sites and service, If not, the client will always look for the old server which is not in the domain.

"Good Luck"
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Did that just right after I ran dcpromo...
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normally i would suggest putting the 2003 DC back online, but you have raised the domain level up, which is a one way process as far as i know.  The offline sync issue with XP systems might be due to the change in GP not propagating through your LAN before you shut the old DC down, but as long as you disable use of it on your current domain policy, then it should stop some if the issues until you get everything else fixed.  if you demoted the old DC correctly and waited for propagation and sync, then you shouldn't need to make changes in Sites and Services.  Check your DNS and DHCP scope properties as well, and make sure only your current DC's are listed.  You might want to check any systems which do not list on the DHCP, as they likely have static addresses which will reference the old DC (such as other servers, printers and test systems).

that said i know how to reset the domain if you have 2003 DC's, not sure if the same process will work for 2008 - let me know if you wish me to post the details.

I have both types of DC for many reasons, XP does not use the ADMX templates that Win 7 and 2008 do, and I still have 2003 Exchange server, so i use a 2003 DC Server to help with policies and using Exchange System Manager (I now run Win 7 64bit, which cannot run ESM 2003).
dariusg, Thak you for the link.

This is what I forgot to do... big mistake.
Important All users who are affected by your GPO modification must log off and back on to any computers where they have logged on before the changes are applied. You must apply these changes to the user's computer before you go to the next step.

Is there a way to undo or clear the GP that is probably still being applied?

What can I do?  Removing the computer from the domain and then back doesn't help... any ideas?
You need to make sure that the GPO is gone or readd the GPO back then properly stop the redirection. Or you can go into the registry to remove the key that holds this information
The thing is, I can't re-add the GPO back because someone deleted it when I was on a vacation...  but, before I removed the GPO, I properly stopped folder redirection.  The thing is I forgot that users who are affected by your GPO modification must log off and back on....  So I have the GPO someplace in the registry that is still being applied to some computers that I don't see.

Where can I find the GPO in the registry?

Many thanx in advance!
Did you check the link i posted?
Simple and clear
Thanx everyone for the help!!  Topic closed.