Citrix XenServer 5.6 - Failed Disk


I am running Citrix Xenserver 5.6 and unfortunately suffered a fault with both of the disks that I have in this server!  The faulty disks have been fixed but I am suffering 2 problems from this original issue.  Since the disks have been replaced I have been unable to start 3 of the 5 VMs on there (all Windows 2008R2).  The error I get is "The SR backed failed to complete the oepration".  I've yet to find a way around this issue but I have backups so attempted to recover from a backup and delete the broken VM.  This worked for me without problems so I removed the older VM and went to restore the next one.  The problem I now have is that there is not enough disk space to recover from backup for the other VMs.  I have tried the solution as suggested by Ctirix but this does not work for me (  Any ideas on this would be great.  Fortunately this is just a test server so nothing too serious but would very much like to be able to get these VMs back and running asap.

Thanks in advance.
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how much disk space is used / left on your XenServer LocalStorage and how much does your VM need ? Simply connect meanwhile another cheap SATA drive to use to reactivate your machine and maybe use it to be internal backup drive for later on.

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