Encrypted external drive

I have a hard drive that is failing -  It's been encrypted with true crypt (Windows XP).
Upon bootup  I can login (the truecrypt login) then I get BSOD.
What I'd like to do is remove the hard drive and try to get into it through another computer (hook it up through a USD to IDE connector)  -- is it possible to do this with Truecrypt-- (as long as the other drive has Truecrypt installed)?
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Dave HoweConnect With a Mentor Software and Hardware EngineerCommented:
yes, you can. I usually use a usb->sata or usb->ide adaptor rather than mounting the drive internally. You will need to know the passphrase (as the rescue disk won't help there) but I assume you have that.

once you have it mounted, you can either decrypt in place, run windows repair software, or clone the data using software such as ghost (just make sure you set it to continue on error)
Stelian StanConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
Do you have the rescue disk created the first time you encrypted the HDD?
If you have the CD you can follow this to decrypt: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/howtos/how_to_encrypt_your_entire_hard_drive_for_free_using_true_crypt?page=0,3

You can attach the HDD to the second computer but you have to open TrueCrypt and mount the encrypted HDD and select System > Permanently Decrypt System Partition/Drive
hbojorquezgeekAuthor Commented:
Groovy dudes (or dudettes),
The second solution is what I was after (problem is that I will need to get a pata adapter-- crazy tiny freakin' drive ).
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