File associations are not allowed in deployment manifest. error when deploying via ClickOnce

Ok all...

When deploying a clickonce app using vs2008 over the .net 3.5 framework, I have added the following xml to the app manifest

(??? are used as representations, not the actual letters I use)

<fileAssociation xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:clickonce.v1"
   extension = ".???"
   description = "??? Document"
   progid = "???.Document"

as described in the MSDN.

When I attempt to deploy the app on a test machine the following error occurs during install:

"Cannot Continue, the Application is Improperly Formatted.  Contact the application vendor for assistance."

reading through the details in the log we find:
File associations are not allowed in deployment manifest.

I should add that this is a full trust application, and we are currently using a test certificate.

According to MSDN this should be working.  Any idea why it is not?
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nhenny2009Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you added this info to the deployment manifest and not the app.manifest
Erick37Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this how you added the association?

How To: Add File Associations to a ClickOnce Application
jasonstreetAuthor Commented:
Ok...I'm assuming that I'll find the deployment manifest in the application folder...
mind attaching the deployment error log?
jasonstreetAuthor Commented:
I started there, but went on to the actual MSDN page
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