Adobe Photoshop CS5 photoshop Application error


We have Widows 2003 /XP as client OS with GPO in place. I have installed photoshop CS5
on all client PCs. When i login as a admin and run the photoshop program it works well.But at the same time if  a user with GPO and open the CS5

A  dialog box pops up which says
Adobe Photoshop CS5 photoshop Application error.
The instruction at 0x0c6b183a referenced memory at 0x00000000.The memory could not be read.Click ok to terminate the program.Click on cancel to debug the program.

we have almost 400 users and for all users we have created one single roaming profile  which is located on one of the  shared drives on our network and is called studentprofile

For all the 400 users Under-
User Properties-
  Profile -
    User profile-
        Profile Path--
The  user profile path points to \\meredian\profiles\studentprofile

Now when i remove the profile path for a test user   \\meredian\profiles\studentprofile ,
completely blank
and run the photoshopCS5 the program opens without any error.But if i point back to the studentprofile under the  Profile Path and run the photoshop program again it fails and i get the same error.
So it something to do with the profile. I gave full permissions  on the studentprofile for the test user but still dosent work.

Any ides appreciated.
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AwinishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
lianne143Author Commented:
Hi Awinish

I tried the above fixes but it still dosent work iiam getting the same error.It runs well when a user logs in with admin privilidge,
Yes,it requires admin privilege for running this version of photoshop which is mentioned in the article.
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lianne143Author Commented:
If it requires admin priviledges to run this program, do i need to assign admin priviledges to all the 400 users , will this not be a security risk.
Yes, from various forums other too had similar issue. I think, if you can get a support from Adobe,they will be the right person but i have been reading that w/o admin privilege,they don't work.

pwindellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Adobe really blew that one!  Are their developers really that stupid? Sorry, it would not suprise me if true, but it would also be frustrating.  We are looking at multiple new Non-Linear Editors here,..and this would be a show-stopper for us to go with them.  We may just go with Grass Valley.  We're an NBC Affiliate TV Station

I am thinkng it may be that it won't run from Mandatory Profile because of the way Adobe writes data to the profile.  What is described here is not really a Roaming Profile,...but a Mandatory Profile,...the two are not the same thing.  With a regular Roaming Profile  each user has there own separate folder structure and has full permission to them.  A Mandatory Profile is by definition Read-Only or at least partially Read-Only so adobe cannot write the Profile properly (but an Admin has the ability to write to the Profile).  Adobe may also be flipping out becuase it is trying to write to the same location for every user, maybe even simultaneously,...which is the nature of a Mandatory Profile.

You can test that by trying to run the product with a normal non-admin user with a regular profile and see if it works.
If it still won't work (I looked at that other thread) then running something like FileMon to look for File Write Denies and then give normal users Write permission to that location it may work.  I have had to do that before with other poorly written Apps.
lianne143Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi  pwindell

I tested running CS5  with a normal non-admin user with a regular profile and  it works.
so is it possible to give write permissions to this mandatory  profile in any way   , so that Adobe writes data to the profile.

Or Please  send me some tutorials as how to build a regular roaming user profile. We have around  400 users and please tell me which type of profile will be a good  one. It will be good if the logon  speed is good

Many Thanks
pwindellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
possible to give write permissions to this mandatory  profile in any way

The whole point of a mandatory profile is that the users cannot modify it, ,no, you can't.  It is also a shared profile,...if a user were to make a change it would effect all users.  Adobe was also desinged to write unique data for each use into that users profile,...with manadatory profiles all users use the same one, to me that would oviously screw up an Adobe product causing them it not run or not run properly.

There is no way I can tell you what profile would be good in your situatoin, can only decide that yourself.  You can research the characteristics of the profile types and how to depoly them.  Ms's site has the material,..some is in the form of Word Docs.  You profile types are:
1. Normal Local
2. Manditory profile
3. Roaming Profile
4. Folder Redirection can be an alternative to Roaming Profiles or be combined with Roaming Profiles

Personally, I think it is more meaningful to limit the "real" damage that a user can do to a machine.  Primarily that is by not making them Local Admins or Power Users and by remove the use of certain things in the OS via group Policy or by just uninstalling (or not installing) the feature if possible.
lianne143Author Commented:
lianne143Author Commented:
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