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Lenovo SL400 Backlight

Alright, so the issue is the following...

The computer came into the shop with no back light. With the lack of testing hardware that matched the laptop I attempted a few different screens and a few different inverters, with no luck.

I then proceeded to order an inverter. Once the inverter arrived I still had the same problem. No back light. But I could see the image on the screen. Externally it also works perfectly fine.

So I tried a few other screens with it. Still no joy. Some of the screen didn't display due to incompatibility. But a few others did display with no back light. I cannot take this as a bad screen just yet, hence why I am here.

Has anyone encountered same problem?

Any additional information let me know.

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Just thinking but ceck the cables and wieres that go to that inverter from the motherboard.

Use a multimeter set to beep when there is a shared connection and test and see if one of those components is bad .

If they are good then possibly something on the mother board not doing is job.
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Thats a clever answer, but the Lenovos does not have LID buttons. At least from what I have been looking at.

The feature is built somewhere else, where i dont quite know where.
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I also know that the wires are good. at least the inverter one. I checked the connections they all beep
What is the voltage coming out at the inverter ?
Im sorry I ment KHz.
I am wondering with the new inverter that something is not working on the motherboard.

Was you able hook up this screen to a differnt laptop to see if it would work ?
If you can test this screen on a differnt laptop this would verify the screen is good.
 You do not have to hook up the screen cable ,
just the power cable from the back light  
to the inverter of a different laptop to see if that laptop will light the CCFL bulb in this  screen.
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