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I have an odd issue in which my analogue phones at the remote site can dial across the WAN to a voice router facing the PSTN and then out to the PSTN.

The issue is with the EPHONES- the ephones can dial phone to phone at the remote site but cannot dial to the PSTN.  

The same dial peers should work for both phone types should they not?

The ephones are visible on the network and are registering.

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>my analogue phones at the remote site
What are these analog phones connected to, specifically? Please profide detailed answer such as:
Cisco 2800 series ISR router, using FXS ports, VG224, etc..
Also need to know control type of the gateway. SCCP, H.323, MGCP?
What is your CallManager? Express, Business Edition, full Call Manager? What version?
What is your PSTN gateway? ISR router to PRI? Other? How is this gateway controlled? H.323, MGCP?
Basically just need a lot more detail of how you are setup

So, the analog phones work, but the IP phones do not? Depending on answers to above, we can help zoom in on the problem.
sectelAuthor Commented:
CISCO 3825 ROUTER running Call Manager express.

IP phones are using SCCP..

Gateway to PBX is a 3825 router (IP Network to PBX using FXO ports.

PLAR FXO interfaces.
sectelAuthor Commented:
I have attached the configs of the remote Call Manager and the local PBX gateway router.

This is a very simple setup with a lone call manager express at a remote site (3835) router connecting across an IP network to a Router that acts as a gateway to the PBX/PSTN. RunningConfig-
sectelAuthor Commented:
Please also see the Remote Router config  DEPLOYED-CCM.docx DEPLOYED-CCM.docx
sectelAuthor Commented:
Not completely answered
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