WSH VBScript Run Method - Generating error 800A01A8

I am not doing this from ASP, ASP.NET or any other web application.  This is being executed from the command line.
I have Googled for an answer and had no success.  I have searched here as well.
I am attempting to execute an external application, CLEANMGR.EXE, using VBScript's RUN method.

DIM oRun
 cmmd="cleanmgr.exe /sagerun:" & state
 Set oWshell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
 Set oRun = oWshell.Run(cmmd, 6 , True )
This causes an 800A01A8 error in the line
 Set oRun = oWshell.Run(cmmd, 6 , True )

after the external program executes and completes successfully.

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WalkaboutTiggerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have resolved this issue.

Removing the SET from the beginning of the line fixed the issue.
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