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Windows server 2008 updates fail

My server tries to update and goes into the endless loop until I control alt delete and log on. I've attached a screen shot of hte list of failed updates.
Seems to be like 2 in particular

Any ideas?
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Could you try to install them a few ones at a time ?
also try configuring automatic updates to Auto download , but to install after notifying you, so the installation of the updates can be interactive for troubleshooting purposes.
First try disabling the running update service, then delete the contents of the following folders:

and the following File:

After that start the service again and then try running the updates again. If you still get errors, they should be shown in your update history along with an error code, and that error code you should be able to click on to get more help on that particular code. There should also be a new C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log file which should contain more details on what failed (you may again have to stop the service to be able to open the file with your editor).
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could you please explain the steps to disable the update service?
Step by step?
Thank you.
Start the "Server Manager" (if that isn't already started), select "Configuration", "Service", then find the "Windows Update" service and stop it. You can also access the Services through "Administrative Tools", "Services".
in the windows folder, there is a txt file called "WindowsUpdate"  not windowsupdate.log

also, when I try to delete it, It says it's open by the management console.

Other stuff deleted. so?
After deleting the other files (not the log). I restarted the service, checked for updates, it tried to download and install and failed.
It's probably still called wiwindowsudates.log, but you have turned on "Hide Extensions for known file types" in your "Folder Options" under the "View" tab (control Panel). This I always turn off, as it is one of the worst default settings m$ has enforced on us. After that you will be able to see the file extensions.

Make sure everything is closed and and that you have turned off the service before deleting the file. Once it is deleted try the update again. Also, when an update fails, there is usually an error message which you can click on and then you get more details on why it failed, or what measures you can take against the failure. If the instructions in those links still aren't good, a new WindowsUpdate.log file will have been created, which you can zip and upload here.
Ok, here is my log file.
The updates failes after I stopped the service, deleted the files and restarted the service/initiated updates.

Thanks for the help so far.
From what I've been able to find on that error it isn't very encouraging. You can try opening a cmd prompt as Administrator (right click "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator"). Then use SFC /scannow

After that reboot and try the updates again. If they still won't work, you probably need to reinstall the OS. You might also be able to get some direct help from microsoft.
re-install server 2008!?! omg, and reconfigure the domain. holy cow! that is huge!
The installation is usually no problem, and for the Domain restore from your backups. You can also install another server and make it a 2nd DC, give it some time to synchronize the AD. Then reinstall the failing server and when that is done and all updates loaded, make it a DC again in the current domain, and it'll get the info from the other server.

It is always better anyway to have more than one DC in a domain.
we are a small business. Only 1 server I'm afraid. this will be a nightmare. I hope, sorry, that you are wrong and we can do something else to fix this. I'll be asking a tech to come in to look at this.
I hope I'm wrong too, but my feeling is different.
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yes we have virus protection on the server. I'm going to try your suggestions on Thanksgiving when the office is closed. In the meantime I'll pray! haha. ugh, this is so sad. :(

You're awesome! The MBSA and another tool that was linked fixed the issue. All updates installed successfully and the loop of boots stopped!

Thank you oh wise one <bowing down>

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Awesome, easy to follow steps that saved me from having to re-install a server
Glad I was able to help :)