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Can't ccess DFS share in Resource Forest from Account Forest

Last Modified: 2012-05-10
Hi Experts

I need some urgent help here.

So I'm having 2 Account Forests (1 site each) and 1 Resource Forest (2 sites). I setup DFS on a fileserver in one site of the Resource Forest. The plan is to have 2 fileservers in the 2 sites replicating data back and forth. I've setup the the Namespace (public) with Folders and folder targets. Within the Resource Forest everything works fine and I can map to the share with ResourceForest.local\public.
This doesn't work with the Account Forest though.

The conditional forwarders are all setup and I can ping. Even by doing ping resourceforest.local I get a response from the domain controller. So it can't be DNS resolving.

Does it just take a long time to replicate accross and if so what can I do to improve this?

If I'm not clear here please ask. I'm totally stuck on this and I'm desperate to get this fixed.

Thanks in advance
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This is a domain integrated DFS name space
AwinishSenior Solution Architect

You have two different domain or forest & one site & two site is in different domain or different domain in forest?


We have 3 Forest. EU, US and the Resource Forest.
That's in 4 different sites.
US (1 site) Resource Forest (2 sites) and EU (1 site)

Basically like this:

Account Forest -------------------------Resource   Forest -----------------------------------Account Forest
User Account ----------------------DFS\Shared----DFS\Shared-----------------------------------------User Account

I would like the User Accounts to acces the DFS\shared on the server closest to them. So EU user will access DFS\Shared on the EU Fileserver in the resource forest and US User will access DFS\shared on the US Fileserver in the resource forest.
AwinishSenior Solution Architect

DFS replication is dependent on Active Directory replication & it uses AD replication mechanism to replicate the data.

You can use repadmin /replicate /force


As i said,dfsr depends on AD,so i force replication on AD will initiate replication & there is tool called dfsrdiag & it can used to monitor,test DFSR.




That's cool and replication within the resource forest works just fine.

What we are trying to do is access the DFS share from the Account Forest. One way transitive Forest Trust is in place.
AwinishSenior Solution Architect

You are using three different forest any special requirement of setting three different forest as i have seen different domain in forest but 3 different forest the only thing i can think of having different exchange organization.

AwinishSenior Solution Architect

Do clients from account forest can resolves dfs share servername using nslookup & can ping?


NSlookup and Ping is succesfully yes.


and clients in the account forest can even resolve the \\fileserver\share
AwinishSenior Solution Architect

What error they are getting while access dfs share?


I found out what was the problem.
I had to add the DNS suffix from the Resource Forest althought I have conditional forwarders in place.
Would you recommend using a Stubzone instead? Would this improve performance maybe?

I have set roaming profile on one useraccount and logon/logoff times are very poor. It takes about 5 minutes to save the profile. The user account has the right access permissions to that \\domain.local\DFS share\userprofiles\%username%\

The error message was

Windows cannot access \\domain.local\shared\....etc
Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose.
Senior Solution Architect
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