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How to Make Copy of Dell XPS PC Restore by Symantec utility For Windows XP Home

System: Dell XPS 400 (aka 9150) RAID 0

One disk had problems, and I am lucky to be able to boot at this time ("Last known good configuration" did the trick). But I assume that the disk is living on borrowed time. (In fact when I did a TreeSize, there were files/folder errors that it detected, so I know the file system is corrupted.)

I looked at the "Using the Dellâ„¢ OS Recovery Utility to Create a CD" link and realized that since my Dell was shipped in Nov., 2005, that utility was not included.

I'd like to make a CD backup either by getting hold of this utility, or perhaps by making a copy of the hidden partition - the PC Restore by Symantec.

If the answer is "No", then I'll just have to use the Windows XP CDs.

BTW - I have backed up all my data. I'm just looking for an easy way to rebuild the system if the disk goes south by creating an OS Backup CD.
2 Solutions
There are some free image creation software you can try:


I have had success with the Macrium Reflect, which you can install on a machine, and create an image, to restore on another HDD. (use the software to create a bootable CD, which can read data from a USB HDD.... and restore the image.)

your raid 0 setup could cause some problems with some imaging software..... the best one out there is Acronis (in my opinion), and this should see the raid partition with no problems.

But it costs...

The commercial softwares are useful if you want a backup that can be used to recreate the system if all hardware fails.

If all you want is a backup for just in case kind of scenarios, then NTBackup - free from Microsoft - works just fine.

Efficient way to get backups off site to Azure

This user guide provides instructions on how to deploy and configure both a StoneFly Scale Out NAS Enterprise Cloud Drive virtual machine and Veeam Cloud Connect in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

phoffricAuthor Commented:
>> free image creation software
That would be nice. I take it that this would not only save my OS, but also all the programs I installed. (If that is the case, I do  Is there anything like the Dellâ„¢ OS Recovery Utility to Create a CD that I can get? Or is there a way to copy/restore the hidden partition - the PC Restore by Symantec.

>> your raid 0 setup could cause some problems with some imaging software
That is unfortunate.

>> But it costs...
Looking for free.

>> NTBackup
Does this allow me to recreate my OS to factory settings (with all drivers built-in like the PC Restore for XP Home would do?
I have no idea about the Dell partition...

but this software will take a complete image of the HDD....... so when you restore, you get everything back...

I reckon you can get around the raid 0 thing by installing the Macrium Reflect software on the machine, add an external USB HDD....

Once this is done, use the software to create an image when logged into windows. So you take the RAID out of the equation..

Once this is done, you will need to use the Macrium software to create a recovery CD, which is just used to boot into the Macrium software, once that is done you can deploy the image onto a new HDD.

One thing, due to the raid 0 setup, once you break the mirror, your old data is gone (I presume)...... So maybe test restoring the image onto another computer, or try and keep the RAID 0 drive intact somehow, so you can go back if you need to.

phoffricAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll give Macrium Reflect a try.
phoffricAuthor Commented:
I downloaded macrium from
and started looking around a little. I saw a Rescue CD option, but I think it is suggesting that I download BartPE. Do you know if this is what I have to do? (Not even sure if I need a Rescue CD - what is it good for?)
Yeh, you need the rescue CD....

This is what you use to boot up your computer with a blank new HDD in it, to restore the image.

are you using these instructions?


phoffricAuthor Commented:
Thanks dekkar for you help.

Windows PE 2.0 was not one of the available options - just the Linux and BartPE. (I assumed that I have to avoid the Linux option - although it does talk about BartPE being a better option for Windows XP, and this implies that the Linux option is possible for XP.) I guess I could try the Linux option to see what happens.

I just hope that the RAID 0 is not going to cause a problem. I'll give it a try tomorrow and see if I can boot up with it. The reviews on BartPE are mostly pretty good, but a couple of 1 stars:
     BartPE Reviews

So I guess it depends on the particular system configuration as to whether it works or not.
this can help you :  http://www.goodells.net/dellrestore/

you can also as Dell for recovery cd's
phoffricAuthor Commented:
   I'll be trying to read the link: http://www.goodells.net/dellrestore/
- lot to absorb.
I'm a bit concerned about the fact that I have RAID0. I have found links w.r.t. RAID0 driver w.r.t.  BartPE, but I have only been collecting links in this regards. Need to try to absorb this material and get back to you. Thanks again.
QlemoC++ DeveloperCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is being closed as part of the Cleanup Program.  See my comment at the end of the question for more details.

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