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Sharepoint Template does not appear when creating a new site.

I downloaded this template ( to upload into our Sharepoint environment.  After downloading, I went to our sharepoint site and then to Site Actions --> Site Settings --> Modify All Site Settings --> Galleries --> Site templates -->  Upload --> Browsed to the .stp file that I downloaded and uploaded it.  It successfully shows up in this view, however when I go to create a new site, it does not show up there.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

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It should be under Custom in the Template Selection Section.

Sorry if this sounds strange, but I've done this confusion once, so here it is: are you sure it is compatible with your environment? Do you have WSS 3.0?
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ezskol: I looked in the Custom section and it is not there.  We have other custom templates that show up, but not this one.

irinuc: That doesn't sound strange...I had the same thought.  We are running WSS 2.0, but this template says that it is compatible with WSS 2.0.  Does the version of the Sharepoint Server matter?...we are on version 2007.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks for your help!

My bad, I thought it was WSS 3.0

However, I am a bit lost: you say it is version 2007? That is MOSS 2007? Than, it is not WSS 2.0.
I suppose it could be possible that we are running WSS 3.0 as I am not too familiar with Sharepoint.  We inherited this system and we still struggle with it's management sometimes.

I said that we are running WSS 2.0 because this is what I saw in "Add/Remove Programs".  Is there somewhere else that I could look that would tell me for sure?  And yes we are running MOSS 2007, so I guess this means that we are indeed running WSS 3.0...

Could this be the problem?  That we are trying to load a template made for WSS 2.0 on a WSS 3.0 system?  I would think that it would be backward compatible...
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It seems the problem is the version.  Thanks for your help!