Should I put adsense adds on every page of my site?


I’m building a website to market a little CMS program we are building and I hope to take advantage of  any traffic we might get for people searching for CMS’s by also putting adsense on the site too, to see if we can make a bit of money on the side.

I haven’t used adsense before.

So what I need to know is :-

1.      Should I put adsense on every page, there will only be about 10 pages anyway, a little research has shown that the adsense add on the home page gets 90% of adsense hits anyway?

2.      The reason I wouldn’t put adsense on every page if I didn’t have to is because of aesthetics, I can get better looking page layouts without adsense in them. So the question is would the potential income from putting adsense in every page outweigh the negative aesthetics? I know this all depends on how much traffic and hits you would get on those pages but some opinion on this would be appreciated.

3.      If it is a good idea to put it on every page, do I just put the same add (same code) on every page, or do you put different adds on each page?

4.      I will be using the tall narrow adds on the right side of the page, can I put more than one of these ‘towers’ on a page, one on top of the other?

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AndyBeardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For monetization or selling your product?

For monetization affiliate marketing is a good option if you can find relevant products - I already mentioned hosting... you can earn $100 per new account from some hosting affiliate programs.

For selling your product Clickbank is one of the better options depending on how you target the product.

How much you pay in affiliate commissions is up to you, but it needs to be attractive for your affiliates.

In both cases you need to think about your product positioning more as the primary purpose of your site should be your own product.
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
I would avoid putting ads on your sales pages.

Ads send people away from your website (and product), so you don't want to do that if it could result in a loss of a sale.

Ads also promote your competition!
As Tiggerito suggests, ads just send people away.

A much better long term solution is to mimic other projects, make money from other services such as hosting - either as a SAAS or suggesting hosting partners.
Why not upsell some themes to your CMS each time someone downloads an update?

Ultimately you will get most traffic from people referring others to your site who are users of your CMS, and they are also the ones who will link to you for SEO purposes.

If you do go the adsense route, here is a free guide on adsense placement
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tannumAuthor Commented:

Hi, Thanks for the replys,

The reason I’m not really worried about sending potential customers to other vendors is that my CMS is a very simple little CMS that I will be selling for just $10. It’s extremely easy to add to a web site, much much easier than say Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and much easier to use for the small web site owner. It’s directly aimed at retrofitting to existing sites which is hard to do with Joomla etc.

A bit of research shows that several million people search for Content Management Systems everyday, if I get enough of that search through my site a lot of them aren’t going to be after my little CMS anyway but may click on say, Drupal in adsense, so their visit may not have been a complete loss to me.

And perhaps they may even come back to my site when they see the learning curve needed for those more powerful CMS’s and figure my CMS is all they need.

I’m really in a niche market where I’m not competing with them and if I run a bit of an Adwords campaign for ‘CMS’ then a lot of the people through won’t be after my small CMS but as I said they may click on Drupal or Joomla on their way out.
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
Sounds good reasoning. Still, don't put adverts on the page where your asking for the $10
Your search volume numbers are way off.

Google adwords reports 49,500 exact match searches a month, and that number is probably an over-estimate.

The chances of you gaining the front page of Google for that term are close to zero if you won't have thousands of users giving  you footer links.

You might want to go for

html content management system - 46 searches
simple content management system - 720 searches

However those numbers are on the high side

Also if you are using Adsense, it precludes other marketing methods such as an affiliate program.

It wouldn't be hard to turn a static page CMS into a landing page design tool, and then you could easily get affiliate to promote it.
tannumAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I must have remembered those numbers incorrectly I guess, I can't find where I got those search numbers from, it was months ago but I do remember it didn't just show for google and that google recorded a low count compared to the others for some reason maybe a techy preference thing, I don't know, also I was using Content Management Systems as well as CMS, I was trying different terms.

But if I did still decide to put Adsense on my pages (against your better judgement :-)  I would still like to know the answers to my queries in my original post please, queries 1 to 4.

Thanks for your help

Every website is different - that is why people test.

In adsense you have different channels, and it can all be tied into Google analytics.

You will need to make specific decisions regarding the type of ads you will allow, as for instance remarketing currently pushes CPM higher with prediminently banner ads.

I provided some specific example testing done by someone I have a great deal of respect for. In that testing the overall theme was that the more intrusive the layout, the more money you make, but that doesn't lead to a good user experience, and that was on sites where they weren't trying to sell a specific item.

On one large site I spent a lot of time working on home page views were less than 1% of total search visitors.
On my blog maybe 20% of search visitors for non-brand terms make it to the home page.
tannumAuthor Commented:
Do you think I am better off giving Adsense a miss and going with an Afilliate Network like one of these :-

Some of them want very high commisions like clickbank for instance though.

tannumAuthor Commented:
For selling the product which  . . . . .  would preclude Adsense, is that right?

But because of the low price I am selling the product for it may not be very attractive to affiliates would it?

What in your opinion is the best way to go then?

Improve the product so you can sell it for $67 plus $30/month maintenance & training
Tony McCreathConnect With a Mentor Technical SEO ConsultantCommented:
It's very important that your price has a 7 in it ;-)

But seriously, are you trying to sell your own product or monetise your website by selling other peoples products?

tannumAuthor Commented:
I'm primarily trying to sell my own product above everything else.

What's the best way to go?

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