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Should I put adsense adds on every page of my site?


I’m building a website to market a little CMS program we are building and I hope to take advantage of  any traffic we might get for people searching for CMS’s by also putting adsense on the site too, to see if we can make a bit of money on the side.

I haven’t used adsense before.

So what I need to know is :-

1.      Should I put adsense on every page, there will only be about 10 pages anyway, a little research has shown that the adsense add on the home page gets 90% of adsense hits anyway?

2.      The reason I wouldn’t put adsense on every page if I didn’t have to is because of aesthetics, I can get better looking page layouts without adsense in them. So the question is would the potential income from putting adsense in every page outweigh the negative aesthetics? I know this all depends on how much traffic and hits you would get on those pages but some opinion on this would be appreciated.

3.      If it is a good idea to put it on every page, do I just put the same add (same code) on every page, or do you put different adds on each page?

4.      I will be using the tall narrow adds on the right side of the page, can I put more than one of these ‘towers’ on a page, one on top of the other?

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