malwarebytes won't update

I have Windows XP and I'm using an Astaro 110/120 firewall that can allow exceptions if you put them in, but otherwise is pretty locked down.

I can't update Malwarebytes. Is there a website I should put in exceptions on the firewall in order for it to update? is already there.
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mrmythConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
found the answer.

Here's where I found the answer
You may already have a Malware infection.  Suggest you first use to delete enough Malware processes to allow Malwarebytes to update, then try it ...
Kris MontgomeryCommented:
I ask this only because you are mentioning Malwarebytes... is your PC having any symptoms of malware?

I have dealt with a lot of malware that stops malwarebytes from updating.

What is the error code that you get?  It should give you a link to show more info.  Post that here.

Malwarebytes updates through port 80, so there shouldn't be any problem getting updates through the firewall.


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mrmythAuthor Commented:
I'm just running some routine scans on some computers that are behind a firewall, just as a maintenance measure. I should have mentioned that I was running the update on several computers and getting the same issue. Sorry about that. That was what I thought as well, was that it was some kind of malware issue, but it was just the firewall blocking the update site.
Okay, thats fine ... thanks for the report.
mrmythAuthor Commented:
this worked.
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