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Windows 2003 DNS Server Active Directory integrated Zones DC Shutdown


we have a mixed enviroment and we have 2 Windows 2003 DNS Servers and 2 Windows 2008 DNS Servers. They are all domain controllers. We are planing now to raise the domain functional level to windows 2008. We have a client skope in DHCP where we can change the DNS Name Server Adress. But we have a lot of network devices where we put in staticly the old DNS Server. What can I do ? We want to shutdown the old Servers with Windows 2003. First step is to take them out of Active Directory but we want to shutdown them in the near Future. What can I do on the DNS side. Can I do some kind of redirection or something because we have a big enviroment and it is imposible to change all the dns server ip adresses by hand. Or do i have to create a script ?

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There may be an easy way do accomplish your goal.  Note the IP address of your 2003 DNS server(s), when you shut them down you could assign the IP as an additional IP to the 2008 server(s).  You may have to verify that DNS is listening on that IP address as well but this way you could keep the static DNS entries and have everything work with a minimum effort.  If you want to do this before shutting the serers down you would just change the 2003 servers to different IP addresses and add the IPs to the 2008 servers.

You can use netsh in a script to change the member Server's DNS entries. Make sure you transfer the FSMO roles to the new 2008 Server's before you decommission the old 2003 Server DC's.
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Hi Kevinhsieh,

That was my exact recommendation; I guess my language my not have been clear.
You can reuse the IP,but there is proper steps to be followed for re-using same name & IP address to the new DC. You will require to give sufficient time so that changes are replicated to other dc.

Its usually very difficult to demote the dc & reuse its IP if the demoted dc records has not be cleared from AD from all the place like esp in all the folder inside _msdcs in dns, domain partition etc.

if you make sure there is no traces left then only promote the new DC with old IP & hostname else,its going to be tough time if it detects the single record in AD as system GUID is written with hostname in several places in AD.

Take a look at below article.
Changing IP to new unused IP is not a tough task,but changing to same IP which has been used an DC on new server with old dc, can be difficult sometime.
dacasey, when I started composing my respionse, there were 0 responses to the question. Three were posted by the time I got my answer posted. If it was my question I would give you points.