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IP change in Domain Controller of a Trusted Forest

Hi. A client of our company has a Trust between two forests. The trust was ok and the two domains were working without any problem.

Then the DC of one of the trusted domains had a NIC problem and the IT administrator of our Client decided to enable the other NIC in the server and also changed the IP.

We did fix all DNS problems that arose after that IP change in the DC but there's a situation that we couldn't fix.

The nslookup to that DC only works when we use the FQDN or the new IP of it, the access to shared folders in that DC using \\ also only works with the FQDN or new IP, mapping also. Ping works fine.

We did cleared the DNS cache, flushed, reloaded, restarted but nothing did work. There are no more references to the old IP of that server in the DNS or anywhere else.

We want to be able to make nslookup, \\ and mapping using the name of the server not only the FQDN or IP.

I hope I was clear. Thanks.
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