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Missing stealth nameservers

Currently, propagating from one hosting company to the other.
Trying to make sure the new hosting company's DNS is set correctly.
How do I fix the below listed errors.

fail Missing (stealth) nameservers ERROR: stealth nameservers (nameservers what does not exist at root servers , but exist at your nameservers)
ns.my domain.com. at ns5.hostingcompany.net. [1x3.0.1x1.1x1]
ns.mydomain.com. at ns6.hostingcompany.net. [1x3.0.1x1.1x2]
fail Missing nameservers 2 ERROR: missing nameservers (nameservers what exist at root servers , but does not exist at your nameservers)
ns5.hostingcompany.net. missing at ns5.hostingcompany.net. [1x3.0.1x1.1x1]
ns6.hostingcompany.net. missing at ns5.hostingcompany.net. [1x3.0.1x1.1x1]
ns5.hostingcompany.net. missing at ns6.hostingcompany.net. [1x3.0.1x1.1x2]
ns6.hostingcompany.net. missing at ns6.hostingcompany.net. [1x3.0.1x1.1x2]
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1 Solution
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

This is roughly the same as your last error. The two lists should match and they do not.

If you use this at your registrar:

mydomain.com.   IN NS   ns5.hostingcompany.net.
mydomain.com.   IN NS   ns6.hostingcompany.net.

Then you should use the same within your zone. You don't need to create your own version of "ns1.mydomain.com", your NS records can point to hosts outside your domain.

TrueBlueAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your quick response.
I am still a little confused where I have gone wrong.

I have the following at my registrar for nameservers for mydomain.com


At the hosting company I have the following:

1x3.0.1x1.1x1 / 24 PTR mydomain.com.
 mydomain.com. NS ns8.mydomain.com.    <<<< Is it here?
 mydomain.com. NS ns7.mydomain.com.   <<<< and here?
 mydomain.com. A 1x3.0.1x1.1x1
 mydomain.com. MX (10) mail.mydomain.com.
 ftp.mydomain.com. CNAME mydomain.com.
 lists.mydomain.com. CNAME mydomain.com.
 mail.mydomain.com. A 1x3.0.1x1.1x1
 mssql.mydomain.com. A 1x3.0.1x1.1x1
 ns7.mydomain.com. A 1x3.0.1x1.1x1    
 ns8.mydomain.com. A 1x3.0.1x1.1x1
 sitebuilder.mydomain.com. A 1x3.0.1x1.1x1
 webmail.mydomain.com. A 1x3.0.1x1.1x1
 www.mydomain.com. CNAME mydomain.com.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

You should have these on your server if they're to match up with the entries at the registrar:

mydomain.com. NS ns5.hostingcompany.net.
mydomain.com. NS ns6.hostingcompany.net.

Otherwise you'd want to change the entries at the registrar to match the ones you use. If you opt for the change above you can kill of the ns7 and ns8 A records

That's all it cares about really, it wants things to be nice and consistent all the way down :)

TrueBlueAuthor Commented:

I made the changes you requested.
I ran another DNS report and it now says...

No NS A records at nameservers Error: some servers does not provide A records for nameservers

At ns5.hostingcompany.net. [1x3.0.1x1.1x1]
No A record for ns6.hostingcompany.net.

No A record for ns5.hostingcompany.net.

At ns6.hostingcompany.net. [1x3.0.1x1.1x2]
No A record for ns5.hostingcompany.net.

No A record for ns6.hostingcompany.net.
Do these need to be added at the registrar?
If so, to which domain the hosting company or my domain?

Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Hmm those addresses are definitely correct?

You should be able to run this independently of your zone configuration:

nslookup ns5.hostingcompany.net
nslookup ns6.hostingcompany.net

According to the details you have above those are already listed at the registrar. You might grab this tool so you can check yourself (better that you see it than having to take my word for it):


Once you've set it up (follow the instructions on the site carefully, you can leave resolv.conf blank when it comes to that), run:

dig yourdomain.com a +trace

It will show you the path to get to the records, including all NS records along the way.


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