How to install ftps in AIX 5.3

Hi experts,

I need to install FTPS on my AIX 5.3 server. The server already had ftp package installed.

Could you please help me with FTPS package and How to check connection b/w server and client.

Thanks in advance.

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1. Download and install openssl from
2. Download and install openssh from

sftp connect to secure ftp server.

What FTP package is installed?   For FTPS, the following may be used.   (LFTP)

For Testing, 'Curl' may be used.

MaddyUNIXAuthor Commented:
Hi Bala,

My AIX server is client server. Already FTPS configured in remote server (Master server). Now we need to set up AIX servers as client as do FTPS. and need to check the connection. it more help full if i get package and configuration detials.

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MaddyUNIXAuthor Commented:
Hi woolmilkporc sir,

Could you please help me with above requirement its very very urgent. If required i will increase points.

Pls help.

MaddyUNIXAuthor Commented:
Hi experts,

I had installed lftp package to my server ,, How i need to test whether my server capable of SSL? and how to test
Vadim RappCommented:
I would start with simply trying the session with Master Server, since this is the final purpose. Or you can grab any SSL-capable client listed at, for example CoreFTP, and try to connect to your server by SSL.
Vadim RappCommented:
Here's an example of the FTP over SSL session log. The server is of course different since I don't haev AIX, but the FTP should be the same. I have highlighted the pieces that tell that it's indeed secure session.

[07:42:09] 220 Polyscience FTP Server
[07:42:09] AUTH TLS
[07:42:09] 234 Using authentication type TLS
[07:42:09] Connected. Exchanging encryption keys...
[07:42:09] Session Cipher: 128 bit RC4
[07:42:09] TLS encrypted session established.

[07:42:09] PBSZ 0
[07:42:09] 200 PBSZ=0
[07:42:09] USER vadimrapp1
[07:42:09] 331 Password required for vadimrapp1
[07:42:09] PASS (hidden)
[07:42:09] 230 Logged on
[07:42:09] SYST
[07:42:09] 215 UNIX emulated by FileZilla
[07:42:09] Detected Server Type: UNIX
[07:42:09] FEAT
[07:42:09] 211-Features:
[07:42:09]  MDTM
[07:42:09]  REST STREAM
[07:42:09]  SIZE
[07:42:09]  MODE Z
[07:42:09]  MLST type*;size*;modify*;
[07:42:09]  MLSD
[07:42:09]  AUTH SSL
[07:42:09]  AUTH TLS
[07:42:09]  UTF8
[07:42:09]  CLNT
[07:42:09]  MFMT
[07:42:09] 211 End
[07:42:09] CLNT SmartFTP 2.5.1006
[07:42:09] 200 Don't care
[07:42:09] OPTS UTF8 ON
[07:42:09] 200 UTF8 mode enabled
[07:42:09] PWD
[07:42:09] 257 "/" is current directory.
[07:42:09] Compression disabled for private IP addresses.
[07:42:09] TYPE A
[07:42:09] 200 Type set to A
[07:42:09] PROT P
[07:42:09] 200 Protection level set to P
[07:42:09] PASV
[07:42:09] 227 Entering Passive Mode (127,0,0,1,12,18)
[07:42:09] Opening data connection to Port: 3090
[07:42:09] MLSD
[07:42:09] Connected. Exchanging encryption keys...
[07:42:09] 150 Connection accepted
[07:42:09] Session Cipher: 128 bit RC4
[07:42:09] TLS encrypted session established.

[07:42:09] 4143 bytes transferred. (64.2 KB/s) (63 ms)
[07:42:09] 226 Transfer OK
[07:42:40] NOOP
[07:42:40] 200 OK
MaddyUNIXAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts,

My AIX server acting as client, Not as server.

In client AIX server i installed lftp ,OpenSSL and Curl . Now How  i need to check the connection ?

Vadim RappCommented:
Connect to your ssl server and see if it works. There's tutorial at .
MaddyUNIXAuthor Commented:
Hi vadimarapp,

Thanks for all your support. Still i am facing some file dependence error. However i installed all the require libstdc++  rpm files.

# lftp
exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program lftp because of the following errors:
        0509-150   Dependent module libstdc++.a( could not be loaded.
        0509-022 Cannot load module libstdc++.a(
        0509-026 System error: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
Vadim RappCommented:
Sorry, can't help in this, since have no idea about neither Unix, nor C.
you need to add /usr/local/lib to LIBPATH in /etc/profile
MaddyUNIXAuthor Commented:
Hi vadimrapp1,

Good morning !

Update: Successfully installed lftp on AIX 5.3 as clinet. Now i need to ensure how SSL connection establishing !  i am able to connect to remote ftp server . But i need evidence? How ? where i can find lftp log file , where u got FTP over SSL session log (in above post)

Vadim RappCommented:
In my post, I used windows-based client, totally different, and only as an example of what to look for. Presumably, your lftp also produces some log, like every ftp client does, and that's where you will find the lines similar to my example. You will probably find out where the log is created in the documentation on lftp.
MaddyUNIXAuthor Commented:
its not solved my purpose
Where is the problem? Did you fix the LIBPATH?
Vadim RappCommented:
Probably for the two months, the purpose has changed sufficiently from "Successfully installed lftp on AIX 5.3 as clinet" to "its not solved my purpose" to suggest C grade.
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