wsus stops at 99%

Wsus stops at 99% I never see it say 100%
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Check that the updates needed are approved.
boogieman01Author Commented:
I approve them and the client starts to download and then it looks like it downloads and I get a message saying can't install. Updates where not installed
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Post the windowsupdate.log from a failed client
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boogieman01Author Commented:
Here is the log I can see the two that failed at the end of the log but I am not sure why WindowsUpdate.log
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
boogieman01Author Commented:
Does it look like it is a rights thing
boogieman01Author Commented:
I added those rights and it still will not install the updates
boogieman01Author Commented:
The Client installed 100 % but the server is still not installing
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
It is definitely a rights issue, is the error the same in the windowsupdate.log on server?
boogieman01Author Commented:
Here is the bottom of the log file there is an error but I am not sure what it means

010-11-16      20:44:52:688      5168      1384      Misc        = Process: C:\WINDOWS\system32\wuauclt.exe
2010-11-16      20:44:52:688      5168      1384      Misc        = Module: C:\WINDOWS\system32\wuaueng.dll
2010-11-16      20:44:52:688      5168      1384      Handler      :::::::::::::
2010-11-16      20:44:52:688      5168      1384      Handler      :: START ::  Handler: Windows Patch Install
2010-11-16      20:44:52:688      5168      1384      Handler      :::::::::
2010-11-16      20:44:52:688      5168      1384      Handler        : Updates to install = 1
2010-11-16      20:44:52:688      5168      1384      Handler        : Installing update {C88E8555-4F36-4F3A-91C8-FE7BE55C38BA}.104
2010-11-16      20:44:52:688      5168      1524      Handler      Installing with parameters=/quiet /norestart /er, sandbox=C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\5b46a2d23e488c5ca2d0e986315b29f0.
2010-11-16      20:44:52:829      5168      1524      Handler      Install completed with 0x8007f004.
2010-11-16      20:44:52:829      5168      1384      Handler      FATAL: UH: 0x8007f004: InstallOrUninstallThread failed in CUHWindowsPatchHandler::HandleSingleUpdate
2010-11-16      20:44:52:829       956      11f8      AU      >>##  RESUMED  ## AU: Installing update [UpdateId = {AB5A1885-C209-476B-8B6E-47A709E60B8C}]
2010-11-16      20:44:52:829      5168      1384      Handler        : WARNING: Install completed: result type = 0x0, installer error = True, error = 0x8007f004, disabled until reboot = No, reboot required = No
2010-11-16      20:44:52:829       956      11f8      AU        # WARNING: Install failed, error = 0x8007F004 / 0x8007F004
2010-11-16      20:44:52:829      5168      1384      Handler      FATAL: UH: 0x8024200b: HandleSingleUpdate failed in CUHWindowsPatchHandler::HandleMultipleUpdates
2010-11-16      20:44:52:829      5168      1384      Handler      :::::::::
2010-11-16      20:44:52:829      5168      1384      Handler      ::  END  ::  Handler: Windows Patch Install
2010-11-16      20:44:52:829      5168      1384      Handler      :::::::::::::
2010-11-16      20:44:52:985       956      1398      Agent      *********
2010-11-16      20:44:52:985       956      11f8      AU      Install call completed.
2010-11-16      20:44:52:985       956      1398      Agent      **  END  **  Agent: Installing updates [CallerId = AutomaticUpdates]
2010-11-16      20:44:52:985       956      11f8      AU        # WARNING: Install call completed, reboot required = No, error = 0x00000000
2010-11-16      20:44:52:985       956      1398      Agent      *************
2010-11-16      20:44:52:985       956      11f8      AU      #########
2010-11-16      20:44:52:985       956      11f8      AU      ##  END  ##  AU: Installing updates [CallId = {0721F09B-6A78-4D70-A411-0DE7E772C0B9}]
2010-11-16      20:44:52:985       956      11f8      AU      #############
2010-11-16      20:44:52:985       956      11f8      AU      Install complete for all calls, reboot NOT needed
2010-11-16      20:44:57:829       956      1258      Report      REPORT EVENT: {F74EDA20-4B13-405D-8813-D41ACF9ECC06}      2010-11-16 20:44:52:829-0000      1      182      101      {AB5A1885-C209-476B-8B6E-47A709E60B8C}      104      8007f004      AutomaticUpdates      Failure      Content Install      Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8007f004: Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions for Windows Server 2003 (KB943729).
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
0x8007F004 is still a rights issue

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boogieman01Author Commented:
The guy said on that page that he fixed it but did not say how.

My clients connect but my server does not the local group policy has the proper rights and the domain all systems are on a domain. The WSUS server cannot update from itself so it can not get its own updates and if I point it to the other wsus upstream it can't get updates

here is the message

AutomaticUpdates      Failure      Content Install      Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8007f004: Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions for Windows Server 2003 (KB943729).
2010-11-17      12:03:21:453       956      1754      Report      REPORT EVENT: {77ABFD06-33C4-4C86-968D-5A0841B38835}      2010-11-17 12:03:21:453-0000      1      189      102      {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}      0      0      AutomaticUpdates      Success      Content Install      Installation Ready: The following updates are downloaded and ready for installation. To install the updates, an administrator should log on to this computer and Windows will prompt with further instructions:  - Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions for Windows Server 2003 (KB943729)
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Do you have the policy "allow non administrators to receive update notifications" enabled?
boogieman01Author Commented:
I will have to check that I did change the auto update server from the network service to the local system account and that worked for the Wsus to recieve updates but I need to make sure everything else is working
boogieman01Author Commented:
Does anyone know anything about changing the Autoupdate service to local system account?
boogieman01Author Commented:
I think I found the answer with one of the comments since it might have to so with the service account and all the help was helpful to track down
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