Exchange error downloading offline address book files.

I have a Windows 2008SBS with Exchange 2007 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 Express, I am having lots of problems with orphans messages left on my BlackBerry and I have done so many things and I just found out that in my Sync Conflic Carpet on Outlook I found many messages with errors which I want to suppose are the ones generating this orphans... Could anyone help me in how to solve this errors??..

I have a bunch of this type of error:

11:24:20 Synchronizer Version 12.0.6509
11:24:20 Synchronizing Mailbox 'User’'
11:24:20 Done
11:24:22 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
11:24:22                  Not downloading Offline address book files.  A server (URL) could not be located.
11:24:22         0X8004010F

And also few of this one:
21:52:46 Mail Conflict Resolution
21:52:46 Subject: {SU:RE: checate estos carros}
21:52:46 EntryID: {CB:70, LPB:000000008DBF571C1A83104AA7880D16D1E8B93C0700E14E981737A95F45BC448B16C8284299000A6244645A0000377C1D2F563583448F2C2114FF1BBD34000A626404320000}
21:52:46 Checking local modifications
21:52:48 HRESULT: 0x80040109
21:52:48 HrConfMsgAutoResolved failure
21:52:52 Mail Conflict Resolution
21:52:52 Subject: {SU:RE: checate estos carros}
21:52:52 EntryID: {CB:70, LPB:000000008DBF571C1A83104AA7880D16D1E8B93C0700E14E981737A95F45BC448B16C8284299000A6244645A0000377C1D2F563583448F2C2114FF1BBD34000A626404320000}
21:52:52 Checking local modifications
21:52:54 Successfully auto-resolved
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PenguinNConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a new offline adress book and point your database to use it as default.

  To use the Exchange Management Console to create an offline address book
1.      Start the Exchange Management Console.
2.      In the console tree, expand Organization Configuration, and then click Mailbox.
3.      In the action pane, click New Offline Address Book. The New Offline Address Book wizard appears.
4.      On the Introduction page, complete the following fields:
•      Name   Use this box to provide a name for the OAB.
•      Offline Address Book Generation Server   Click Browse to specify the location where the OAB generation server will be located. The OAB generation server is the Mailbox server on which the OABs are generated.
•      Include the Default Global Address List   The OAB is a snapshot of the Active Directory directory service information that is available in the global address list (GAL). Select this check box to include the default GAL in the OAB.
•      Include the following address lists   Select this check box to add address lists to or remove address lists from the OAB. Click Add to select one or more address lists to add to the OAB. You can select one or multiple address lists. Click Remove ( ) to remove the selected address list from the OAB. For more information, see How to Create an Address List.
5.      Click Next.
6.      On the Distribution Points page, complete the following fields:
•      Enable Web-based distribution   If this OAB will be distributed from a virtual directory, and the clients are running Office Outlook 2007, select this check box, and then click Add to add virtual directories from which to distribute the OAB.
•      Enable public folder distribution   If this OAB will be distributed from public folders, and the clients are running Outlook 2003 SP1 or earlier, select this check box.
7.      Click Next.
8.      On the New Offline Address Book page, review your configuration settings. Click New to create the offline address book. Click Back to make configuration changes.
9.      On the Completion page, confirm whether the OAB was created successfully. A status of Completed indicates that the wizard completed the task successfully. A status of Failed indicates that the task was not completed. If the task fails, review the summary for an explanation, and then click Back to make any configuration changes. Click Finish to complete the New Offline Address Book wizard.

To use the Exchange Management Console to change the default offline address book
1.      Start the Exchange Management Console.
2.      In the console tree, expand Organization Configuration, and then click Mailbox.
3.      In the result pane, click the Offline Address Book tab, and then click the OAB that you want to set as the default OAB.
4.      In the action pane, click Set as Default. A warning dialog box appears. Click Yes to confirm that you want to set this OAB as the default OAB.

marpanetAuthor Commented:
PenguinN, thank you for the information...
How can I test that this issue is resolve?.... or how can I be sure the OAB dosen´t have any issues??
the only way to test is on a blackberry or an other device with this issue, you can test oab on an xp client with outlook 2003 and pres send and recieve . If there is an issue with oab it'll show up.
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marpanetAuthor Commented:
Let me try... I will post back results...

Are you an Experto on BlackBerry Enterprise? do you know if this issues affects BlackBerry´s?
I am not on a blackberry enterprise but I saw this problem on exchange 2007 and 2010. In the 2010 environment we run at least 20 types of smart devices that had the issue, I changed the oab and devices picked it up when synchronizing so i don't think you will run into problems. Be sure you force an update on your oab before trying from a device otherwise it'll see the old list still. Or wait a wile so oab gets published on schedule.
marpanetAuthor Commented:
In my Outlook 2007 when ever I click on Send and Receive I get an error:

12:12:10 Synchronizer Version 12.0.6509
12:12:10 Synchronizing Mailbox 'User name´
12:12:10 Synchronizing Hierarchy
12:12:13 Done
12:12:15 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
12:12:15              Not downloading Offline address book files.  A server (URL) could not be located.
12:12:15       0X8004010F

So, I assume the issue hasn´t been resolved.. what can I do?
You need to check you server url's for communication. The adresbook is seen but it has no link. I'll look in to it when i finish my diner.
marpanetAuthor Commented:
Have a good diner PinguinN!!

I think it has something to do with the autodiscover.... I don´t have the autodiscover feature enable on my server, because the SSL certificate it´s only for one domain (, when I inserted in the hosts file   serverip then i didn´t get the error... Enabeling the autodiscover feature it´s not an option! :D
Have Bond the offline address list to the primary storgage group

Exchange Management Console > Server Configuration > Mailbox > Database Management tab > First Storage Group Properties (select properties) > Client Settings tab > Offline Address Book field > click browse button and select the respective OAB defined on the Exchange server.

Should me working. Why are you not using autodiscover? Is this because of error with clients?
marpanetAuthor Commented:
Already done that and I have the same error messages!!.. I deleted the profile and created a new one and the error persist!!!...

Why not using autodiscover....??... if you tell me I would say because of $$ money.... The SSL for one subdomain is 10X cheaper than one with multiples subdomain, so if I do not have a valid SSL with all the iPhones, outlooks (using outlook anywhere) are going to start telling me that the SSL for autodisover is not valid....

What else can I do??? :S
Aotodiscover is also a setting on you exchange. It hands out an internal url and an external one, could this be the problem. I remember some problems with external client pointing to the internal .local adres to check for oab. You can sync mail so i believe it could be related to your autodiscover settings of exchange.
marpanetAuthor Commented:
Really weird, because I have this problem only on one external computer which has Outlook 2007, I am running 2010 externally and I do not have the problem... so I don´t know if it better to install 2010 unto that computer and see if the issue is solved rather than move the autodiscover configuration... what do you think??
PenguinNConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would install 2010 anyway I have various isseu's with 2007 and if this is the only one i would go for the effective solution. I think you're problem will go away with 2010. Kind Regards, PenguinN
marpanetAuthor Commented:
Thank you Pinguin!!
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