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Can't remotely access mapped drives after installation of Symantec Endpoint 11.

Just got finished installing Symantec Endpoint 11 on our customer's SBS 2003. Since then, no one remotely can access their mapped drives. They can connect to the VPN fine but when trying to access the mapped drives they a network access error. Help!?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Rob Williams

I am not familiar with Symantec but with similar applications if the VPN uses a different subnet for VPN clients, which is common, their subnet needs to be added to the security applications "trusted networks (subnets).
Rob Williams

Ps- this would apply to a site to site VPN as well. The remote site's subnet would need to be added. Former comment was directed at software VPN clients.

The VPN connection itself is connecting fine. It's when they try to browse the network is when it fails.
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William Peck
Rob Williams

If your version of Symantec has any form of firewall, there are blocks on different services. File and Print sharing will only be allowed from the local subnet, you would need to add the VPN user's subnet. This usually doesn't affect the VPN connection itself.
Rob Williams

If that doesn't fix it:
1) SEP 11 does have a firewall (just checked), if enabled can you disable just as a test to determine if it is blocking access, or if it has 'broken' something?
2) What type of VPN are you using? The built-in SBS VPN?
3) Can the VPN clients ping the computer on which the shares are published by IP?
4) If so, can the VPN clients ping the computer on which the shares are published by computer name?
5) If #3 is successful but not #4 can they map a drive by IP?  (  net use Z:  \\\ShareName  )

I completely disabled Symantec and still can' get it. But it just came to my attention that whenever the VPN is connected, you cannot browse internet at all. Once you disconnect the VPN, internet works fine. Sooo what does this mean?
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Rob Williams

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OK got internet back up and tried pinging the internal and external IP and both timed out.
Rob Williams

Is this the built-in SBS VPN or a 3rd party solution such as Cisco?

Built-In VPN (The VPN connection through windows)
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Rob Williams

As a test, if a user on the LAN connects to the VPN using the server's LAN IP (not external/public IP) can they access the shares?

Could you also please post the results of ipconfig /all from a problematic remote user while the VPN is connected.

Worked Great!