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windows vista SP2 product key finder

Hi, how to locate my product key in my windows vista SP2 ? I need to format the PC and reinstall the windows again.
I try many key finder product they gives me this messege:

Windows Vista (TM) Business

any advice?
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It will be on the original Media or if it is a HP or Dell it will be on a sticker on the front/top of the PC.
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that is right but the sticker is not there.
thank you
same result..... the belarc advisor show everything in my PC, i thought it will show what i am wearing also !! ;-)

but unfortunately not windows key.
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Belarc would have been my first choice also but you can try one of these, if not you'll need to contact microsoft customer support to receive a replacement key.

Try this - System Information for Windows.  Shows everything you need:

Property      Value
Name      Windows Vista (Ultimate)
      Terminal Services in Remote Admin Mode
      Multiprocessor Free
      Running on the console.
Kernel Version      6.1.7600.16617
Security                           128 bits
Serial Number      00426-066-0423577-XXXXX
Product Key                            2379C-FB883-QPG3J-PRCM3-XXXXX
Product Name      Windows 7 Ultimate
Build Lab                            7600.win7_gdr.100618-1621
Automatic Updates      Automatic (Recommended)
Next Detection Time      2010-11-17 06:08:03
Scheduled Install      Every Day @ 3:00 AM
System Restore      Enabled
Machine GUID      efa30004-9be0-4551-b568-xxxxxxxxxx
Domain      MS
Domain Controller      \|server
Computer Name      TECH-ROOM
Language                           English (United States)
Boot Time                           11/15/2010   18:54:21.375
Running Time      19 hours 31 minutes 55 seconds

Hope this helps!

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You are obsoletely right I activate my windows using MAK

Thank you so much.

genius answer