Trouble console in to Sunfire V490

would need some input for this issue.

console in to V490 either from a second Sun server from serial port or
through terminal.

I could only see the console message, couldn't type in anything.

output from eeprom is

diag-out-console false

The interesting thing is that as soon as I issue "reboot" command from
server, all the sudden I can type in, but only few seconds as server's

From SC console, after log into SC, after I issued command "console",
it just stuck there and no response.

some people says that for v490, console command on SC card is tricky,
as the key switch needs to be in Diagnose in order to get console
command working, is it true? If it is true what do I need for SC, if I
can't into console.

hope I state my problem clearly.

thanks in advance.
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advegaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
your obp settings are wrong.
Set them as follows:
eeprom output-device=rsc-console
eeprom input-device=rsc-console

Open in new window

and connect to your serial SC port (tagged as "SER MGT" in the rear of the V490 server.) and it will work

To come back from the console to the SC prompt issue a


Can you log in via the alon network port on the back of the server?
Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
Did you have a keyboard connected to the server?
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markelinsAuthor Commented:
i don't use alon,
originally no keyboard connected, then I change to ttya for input and output with keyboard connect, same thing.

Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
Please disconnect the keyboard and this should fixed the problem.
markelinsAuthor Commented:

it is same thing, with/without keyboard plugged in, set to ttya for input/output, after reboot, still same problem.

Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
Can you please do "reset-all" at ok promb.

markelinsAuthor Commented:
the thing is that I can't type in anything from ok promb,
Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
If you can switch off the power, wait at lease 10 seconds, and switch back on will do the same.
markelinsAuthor Commented:
called sun support, it is messed at oracle right now, nobody follow up case.

since it is production server, can't toubleshoot further, have to live with it.

can someone please close this question?

Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
Because of there was a keyborad plug in sometime ago, ALOM needs to be "reset" to fix the problem.
by the way, you may need to reboot for the console redirection to take effect... :-)
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