Exchange 2010 Management Console access denied

I have tried every solution on Expert Exchange to resolve this issue.  We were able to use the management console along with management shell for months.  All of a sudden I get the access denied error.  This is on a Windows 2008 Rs server running Exchange 2010.  Tried logging in with an admin account and also with a different account with admin right but receive the same result.
Stopped and started Default websites.  Checked to ensure the time is synchronized with the domain controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MS 2008 R2 Standard
Exchange 2010 with Update rollup 3 & 4
EXC 2010 version 14.0.639.21
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dariuszsAuthor Commented:
Well I spent a wonderful 6 hours with Microsoft Support to resolve my issue.
Looks like the timing was off between my primary and secondary domain controller.

Thanks for all of the help for all of you that tried to assist.
try turning the firewall off and see if that lets you do it.
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dariuszsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the insight but no luck!
Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
Please Refer :
Two things were wrong:
Remove any port 80 site bindings that point to a hostname. (IIS Manager, Default Site)
Rename any WEB.CONFIG file in the WWWROOT folder (C:\Inetpub\wwwroot)
Reboot the Server. 
dariuszsAuthor Commented:
I already tried this solution.  Port 80 binding is not pointing to a hostname.  I do not see WEB.CONFIG
in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot.

I have a feeling that I will have to just reboot the server to solve this issue.  I would like to know the cause or a possible solution in case I run into this in the future. This server has been in production for over 4 months.

Thanks for trying
dariuszsAuthor Commented:
Rebooted the server and once again I have access to the Exchange management console.
Exchange management shell is also working.  Really odd that the access denied error is not
reflected any where in the Event viewer.  Hopefully someone knows what would cause this issue.
The symptoms are similar but the solutions have not resolved this without a reboot.

Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
Sometime reboot of server would solve the issue ,Any how Good to Hear!!!!

dariuszsAuthor Commented:
Well the Exchange Management Console was accessible after the reboot but now is generating the same error.  I'm not seeing this error reflected any where in the Event Viewer just at the Management Console.
dariuszsAuthor Commented:
Utilized Microsoft support on resolving this issue.
I got the same error after 2 wees of my exchange server 2010 st with windows server 2003 en (32 bit ) AD . I did the reboot of my Dc2 and DC1 .after that exchnage Management console working fine . but I have no idea about the issue . any comment on this .

Exchange server AD tool didn't work in the intial stage end up with RPS server is Unavailable error

now ALL ok . any idea on this error situation

thank you
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