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Manage FBA Users for our Custom Membership Provider

We are using MOSS 2007. We have Enterprise license. We have a site which is extended to be Form Based Authentication. We have users who are in this Custom Authentication Provider. We need to edit, modify and manage users profile information on our FBA site.
How do we do this?
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We did this already and our SSP is now FBA site. We have assigned an administrator account as Site Collection Admin. The only issue is we still don't see the Users Profiles from our Custom Membership Provider. How do we configure Import Connection settings in SSP admin? We have tried LDAP settings but not sure on rest of the settings. Please guide
You are looking in the correct spot.  I can't really say what the settings are for your custom provider.
I found the solution. I had to Add the External User Profiles manually. Works like a charm!!
I had to make the SSP site a form based site.
Why aren't you awarding points?  The link I posted clearly states that SSP has to be form based site.
Just graded the solution.