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Sharepoint 3.0

I just finished a group of updates on my Sharepoint 3.0 running Windows Server 2003.
I rebooted and now I cannot access my sharepoint site.
I get the login screen but then it says "You are not authorized to view this page" Error 401.1
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there was a sharepoint update awhile back that caused this problem.


if that is not your issue, please review your Event Log for any errors that occur when you attempt to navigate to your home page.
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Tried the loopback thing it didnt work
Loopback issue is usually limited to problems with accessing IIS site locally from the server.

I'm guessing that my suggestion didn't produce any results either. Could you please check the application/system/security logs immediately after you get access denied?

Sorry, incomplete suggestion - logs on the machine hosting IIS :)

some more thoughts:
1) Can you access your central administration site?
2) Have you in any way (before or during the upgrade process) changed the IIS authentication settings in central administration (Application Management > Authentication Providers) for your web application?
3) Have you made any changes in that sense to IIS web site that belongs to your WSS web application or changed the identity of your application pool?

If you are using Integrated Windows authentication and Kerberos for your WSS web application your application pool in IIS should be using Network Service (that's recommended setup).

If you've manually changed your app pool identity and IIS authentication metod before the upgrades it's possible that some upgrade step in WSS reset something to the default config and that it' causing your problems.

I cannot access the central admin site at all
No I have not changed the IIS authentication at all
and No I did not do anything but run those updates...right now im uninstalling them on by one

and yes I am using Int Windows authentication for my virtual server

@Tomislov (on your third suggestion)  if that were so how would I reference check on this?
Could you please confirm that you have manually run the WSS Configuration Wizard after restrating the computer during upgrade process and that the wizadr completed with no errors?
@Tstritof - Yes I did just havent restarted yet..standby
My coworker said this was the following error:

"application pool for the various sharepoint sites is suffering a fatal communication error with the www publishing service"
Are you running IIS 6.0?
Good job this worked perfect
Oh, good, I thought you've already tried it before :)