Deleting databases in a replicated environment

We have clustered replication in our environment between 3 servers. Some of the users have left, and we trying to free the space in the primary server by deleting the databases of those users. How should I delete the databases so that the freed space is returned to the OS. We want to do in such a way that it doesn't impact the replication currently in place, and we want to only delete those databases in the primary server and leave the replicas in the other 2 servers intact.

I tried to delete a test database by deleting the account from domino and selecting the options as shown in the screenshot, inspite of deleting the account in the primary server, I still see the mail database of that account in that server. Could any one please let me know how this needs to be done?
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LotusDaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to go into the admin requests database and approve the deletion of the database. The deletion will then eventually happen and will free up space.
Looks like you have the dialog setup right.  Check the person document in the nab to see if the home server specified there is indeed the server you want to delete the replica from.

And you need to approve the deletion as lotusDave said.
rocky_lotus_newbieAuthor Commented:
LotusDave, thanks for the post, can you let me know what's the admin requests database?
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rocky_lotus_newbieAuthor Commented:
larsberntrop, thanks for your comments
admin4.nsf  on the server (

=> if you need to do admin, read the administrator help db provided with domino.  It contains a lot of helpful information.  Consider getting certified, or doing the practise test to test yourself.  (i have used CertFX test software to my satisfaction)  Then you know you know your stuff.
Full title is Administration Requests, filename admin4.nsf. There's usually a view "All request By Action" and then a sub-view "Approve Mail File Deletion" but as lars has said, be careful and read up the admin help beforehand
rocky_lotus_newbieAuthor Commented:
I tried to delete some databases using the above process, it went fine for a while.After sometime, I am getting some errors:

Title: Administration Requests File name: admin4.nsf; Error: Document is not signed
Admin Process: Unable to create Redirect file for Database [mail\pbaker]: File already exists

Can anyone please advise how I need to proceed?
open admin client
open files tab
show all file types
sort on Physical file path
check mail/pbaker location to see what is there
resolve issue
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