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Repeat Group Columns

My request is straight forward, I wan to turn multiple rows into one row with multiple columns in oracle sql.
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Can you show us the sample output?
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Sorry, I have no ouput, and no script generated yet, I'd like to see how you'd approach such request, here's the basics;

That's what I get now.

Unit, Test Type, Test Results

AA, AGN1, 11
AA, XZf2, 13.5
AA, ADGv, 17

I don't care for the "Test Type, I just want the "Unit" and "Test Results" to come out as follows;

AA, 11, 13.5, 17, ..
select column_name||column_name2||column_name3 column_alias from table name
sorry that is wrong..ignore the above comment
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I thought I closed this string not due to any specific solution but rather to the deep insights provided by couple of members on this forum, I'm appreciative and thankful for their input, programmers in every field don't necessarily copy other people's ideas but other people's ideas usually inspire them to code differently thus getting the result they want. That's what happened in this case.

Many Thanks