Crystal Report 11 -- Cross Tab format and SQL connect by function

I have a cross-tab with 24 months of data. (Please see the attached file). But sometimes the SQL doesn't return 24 months of data, because there is no data for those months. In our example the Sep 2010 and Oct 2010 (201009 & 201010) doesnt have data. But I want those columns in the report with just 0s as shown in the attachment. i tried using the following SQL, but still not able to acheive the one I want.

The ?DATE_ENTERED is a parameter. If for example today's date is given (11-16-2010), I have a formula[maximum(LastFullMonth)] which makes the date to previous months last date (10-31-2010). So the date range would be from oct 2010 and goes back 24 months nov 2008.
I tried playing with the connect by level number sometimes it goes backward or forward not the right one.
When I run just the second part of the union all, I get the desired result ie., from 11/01/2008 thru 10/01/2010, but when I use it together its not giving the desired result, maybe I dont understand that function fully.

trunc(s_date, 'MM') as SDATE,
trunc(s_date, 'MM') as SDATE,



-- This is to get those months which aren't returned
     trunc({?DATE_ENTERED}, 'mm') + INTERVAL '-1' MONTH * ROWNUM SDATE,
     trunc({?DATE_ENTERED}, 'mm') + INTERVAL '-1' MONTH * ROWNUM PDATE,
    0 AS salary

FROM dual 


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My next question is, can we change the label of the summary row, that is, GRAND TOTAL instead of just TOTAL. I have highlighted in red in the attachment.


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I have done something similar in Crystal - using connect by level, to return all possible dates...

This is basically what I did, and replaced the start (3/1/2008) and end (3/31/2010) with 2 crystal date parameters... I'm sure you can accomplish something similar by using just a single date param.

        trunc(to_date('01-MAR-2008'))-1 + level as cal_date
        from dual
        where (to_date('01-MAR-2008')-1+level) <= to_date('31-mar-2010')
        connect by level<=100000

      select distinct
      {?beginofrange}-1 + level
      from dual
      where ({?beginofrange}-1+level) <= trunc({?endofrange})
      connect by level<=1000

Regarding changing labels, Yes - just select to highlight the field in the cross tab, and his F2 to edit the text.

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