Internet explorer slow on SBS 2003

Hi Lads

I have a funny one here.
Client is running SBS 2003, single network card, Billion PiPAC 7800N Router, (no ISA) but have Trend Micro Worry Free Business installed.

Internet is running very slow from workstations and server and have no idea why.

I have run ICW, checked dns for errors, ran SBS BPA, rebooted the server, change external dns server, ran an adsl speed test, but cannot work out what is going on.

Please help.

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it slow downloading or slow opening web pages? I recently had one that was slow opening web pages. It turns out the ISP's DNS server needed updating in the forwarders. Make sure yours are current. With SBS the better place o update this is with th CEICW.
Run a speed test by going to sites like and If internet speed is as expected, then I'd start looking at DNS response times, but it seems like you've tried that already.

Do you mean pages are loading slow, or the time it takes to GET to page is slow but once it starts loading it is quick?

Have you tried disabling Trend temporarily?
If you have one network card, all your computers (and also server) is accessing internet directly over router. I doubt that the server has something to do with slow internet access. I would check your router or ISP.
For beginning try to connect a single computer (you know is virus free) to Internet provider's modem (I guess you have some sort of xDSL) and test the speed. If seepd is too low, blame ISP. If the speed is in expected margin, then add your router and test the speed again. If speed is low, try to change router. On internal side of router it should be connected only testing computer. If the speed is still OK, the problem is somewhere inside your network. You can run wireshark, to check which PC is making a lot of traffic or connect PCs one by one (or group by group) and testing when the problems arise again.
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FrankvanRensburgAuthor Commented:
Like I said in my requiest, I have done an ADSL speed test.
Sorry forgot to mention i have disabled the software.

The problem just all of the sudden start happening. Server was setup 3 years ago and nothing changed before the problem started...
FrankvanRensburgAuthor Commented:
ADSL Speed test

Test time: 2.36secs
Line speed 2.07Mbps
download speed 259Kb/s

vanbarsounConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, so apparently internet bandwidth is fine, but are pages loading slow, or the time it takes to GET to a page is slow but once it starts loading it is quick? If it's the latter, try setting your DNS forwarders to something like or OpenDns servers:
FrankvanRensburgAuthor Commented:
email works fine.
as you can see a speed test comes up fine. I will try using another external dns server and see what happens.
It is just slow opening internet pages.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Did you see http:#a34151071 above?
What browser, 7 or 8?
"download speed 259Kb/s" - is that a typo?
The result should be 2070 Kb/s or 259KB/s.
What about upload speed? That is important too.
Is that also your speed "on paper".

Sorry for insisting on ISP speed. Most probably this is not the cause of problem, but we are not familiar with your knowledge, testing procedures,... All we know is only what you post here.

If changing DNS server won't solve your problem, try to connect one PC directly to ADSL modem and try browsing  - as speed test probably won't show any difference.
FrankvanRensburgAuthor Commented:
Hey Lads

Thank you for your input.
I have cahanged the DNS server to and and it seemed to have fixed the problem.
I also noticed that they have been blacklisted but not sure if this would invluance DNS requests and their emails are hosted by someone else. What a waste of a SBS server
The clients ISP insist there is nothing wrong with their DNS so I am not sure where the problem could be.
The client is up and running again so i will just leave the DNS servers as is.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
The DNS servers I was using worked and they assured me they were fine, but as soon as I changed it resolved my problems. Perhaps they are just overwhelmed handling requests.
Blacklisting shouldn't affect the DNS.
FrankvanRensburgAuthor Commented:
I will blame their ISP's dns as there are so many doggy ISP's around in anycase. Thans for you help.
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