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GNS3: Cisco image unpacker 0.1 binary for Windows

How do I run the GNS3:  Cisco image unpacker 0.1 binary for Windows

I believe that I'm doing something wrong because I cannot unpack my images.  If I was running this properly, it would show the images in an "unpacked" mode, but I'm not getting that.
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the command is

C:\Unpack>unpack.exe --format IOS c2600-is-mz.122-46.bin

unzip the IOS unpacker into C:\Unpack
Place your IOS in that folder also to make it simpler

Run the command above using the name of you IOS at the end

That's it
if you are using the unpacker in windows to unpack the asa image it will not work.  Which image do youi unpack with the unpacker.
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I'm trying to unpack the 2600 and 3700 series router.  

This is what I get when I attempt to run:

C:\Unpack>unpack.exe --format IOS c2600-is-mz.122-46.bin
'unpack.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


I went onto c:unpack and then to the bin file which holds the router image, I right clicked it and ran it with unpack.exe, but I get the following message:

Warning: No format set, defaulted to ASA7

Any ideas on how to resolve this?
Have you tried it add the ios image to the gns3 with out using the unpacker software?

For ASA you have to unpack the image or else it will not work?
you get the unpacker from here

also an ASA is different then a router, look at the readme file to see the paramater needed for router, PIX or ASA

You can directly use the IOS images in the gns3. If you want to use the ASA then you have to go for the image unpacker.
yes you can use the IOS directly, but it will be 10 times faster if you uppack it.

I'm a bit confused, I downloaded it from the link you provided, but I believe the problem is that I do not know how to unpack it from there.  This is where I'm presently at:

extract all the files, from you windows command line run the upack.exe with the parameters like I listed above.  The readme.txt will show you what parameters to pass in for ASA, PIC and router.
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