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We have one of our workstations running Windows XP Pro SP3.  As of today we can no longer browse the internet using IE, we keep getting "Page Cannot Be Displayed".  I am able to ping an external address ( and also an external DNS ( without error.  We scanned for viruses but none appeared.  We cant use Firefox because the Internet based software we are running cannot be used with firefox.

Anyone have any ideas?

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myhcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to check your DNS records and Proxy settings
So you an browse the internet with Firefox though?

DO you use a proxy?  have you checked internet settings to see if one is configured?  

Scanned for malware?  Give malwrebytes and combofix a run.

Tried resetting tcp?

does this problem occur for other use accounts on your workstation?  
Try going to
This should load up google.  If so then it's DNS issue.
mcgowrayAuthor Commented:
The user had checked on the proxy setting.  Once we cleared it, the system worked.  Thanks
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