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Migrate from Zimbra to Exchange


We are looking to migrate from zimbra to MS exchange. I would like an input on how to get zimbra to export .pst file..

Basically i want to export everything from zimbra in .pst format.

Please Help


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just out of curiosity, why do you want to migrate from zimbra to exchange (my company provides exchange to zimbra migrations ...)

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I know its not a wise decision but our management wants corporate windows environment ,  well thanks for advice will try and let u know
I feel your pain :-), no seriously, wish you the best of luck,

Nothing wrong with going to Exchange for some functions but Zimbra can handle *almost* anything that Exchange can. Without having to purchase Zimbra Outlook Connector or IMAPSYNC.

A free but tedious approach would be to connect the Zimbra accounts via Exchange through IMAP, archive each account and import the PSTs via EMC, EPS or while your new exchange account is connected via Outlook.

Another method would be to export the mailbox via a zip file (EML format) and do an EML conversion using EML Bridge (shareware) which is similar to IMAPSYNC. You can try to do an EML conversion using several tools on the net but most of 32 bit and to be honest, I wasn't able to successfully accomplish the conversion.
Puh, I did not even consider converting EML files ... this has to be some sort of last grasp desperate to resort to if nothing else is available. ...

i guess imapsync is the easiest way to go on the admin, it has the benefits of:

* you can do it in a batch
* it is a sync protocol, if network or something breaks running it again forces it to run from where it left of
* it keeps internal dates in sync
* you can delete mails not on first server anymore so you can have a truly synced mail backup box (poor mans backup) somewhere else

and some more

Thnks hatrix!!!! It worked.....