SharePoint 2010 Remote Blob Store (RBS) - Deleted Blobstore!

Hi All,

I'm trying to implement RBS on my SharePoint 2010 content database. And I have followed the instructions from:

I configured the databases to use RBS using these SQL statements:

use [WSS_Content]
if not exists (select * from sys.symmetric_keys where name = N'##MS_DatabaseMasterKey##')create master key encryption by password = N'Admin Key Password !2#4'

use [WSS_Content]
if not exists (select groupname from sysfilegroups where groupname=N'RBSFilestreamProvider')alter database [WSS_Content] add filegroup RBSFilestreamProvider contains filestream

use [WSS_Content]
alter database [WSS_Content] add file (name = RBSFilestreamFile, filename = 'D:\Blobstore') to filegroup RBSFilestreamProvider

Immediately, a new folder was created on D: called Blobstore.

I continued with the steps, but failed to get RBS installed at the end. Therefore I tried to delete the blobstore. I first tried to delete the folder D:\Blobstore, but access was denied (i assumed SQL was using it). So then I stopped SQL Server, then shift-deleted the folder D:\Blobstore. After starting up SQL Server again, my content database is inoperable now.

I'm guessing it's a corrupted database now since it can't connect to the D:\Blobstore file. I can't do any actions on this database (I can't detach, backup or anything). I can't expand the database in Management Studio to see it's tables etc, and I can't run any queries against it!

How can I recover this database now?
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DangerizAuthor Commented:
Hey, all those things I tried (emergency mode, dbcc etc.) didn't work. Thanks for the suggestions though...

I eventually managed to recover the database using the following procedure:

1.      Set the database’s status to “Offline”.
2.      Detach the database.
3.      Move the MDF and LDF to another location.
4.      Create a new database with the exact same name.
5.      Stop the SQL Server Service.
6.      Delete/move the new database’s MDF and LDF files.
7.      Copy the original database’s MDF and LDF back to the default location.
8.      Start the SQL Server Service.

The database status return back to “ONLINE” and all the data and operations are accessible.

This got my database back to a status where I could get all the data back. I wouldn't suggest using this if you have data already in the blob store else you would have lost it all (would have lost it by deleting the folder already).
You may be able to set the database to emergency mode and do a DBCC CHECKDB.

If this works and returns errors then after this run....

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Although this could result in you losing more data. The other option would be to restore from a backup.
DangerizAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.
How do I set the database to emergency mode?
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.


This should show you some errors.
DangerizAuthor Commented:
Author comment.
DangerizAuthor Commented:
I eventually found the solution.
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