SBS Server 2008 Real Time Clock running Very Slowly

Yesterday I came into the office to find all of my XP clients had the wrong time.  Checked the SBS Server 2008 box and noticed that for every 10 seconds that passes in real time, the SBS clock updates by one second!!

This causes massive performance issues on the network etc.  

We have AV installed on the machine, CA Threat Manager R8.1.  We are currently part way through the process of deploying CA Total Defence R12 throughout the network.  The R8.1 management console is installed on the SBS box but we are deploying the R12 management console on a different server.  

This is the only change that we have made but I have have tried disabling all of the R8.1 services on the SBS box but with no change to the issue.

The box is covered by Dell Prosupport and they are happy that this is not a hardware issue as there is nothing in the hardware logs.  The clock in the bios is running at the correct speed.  The OS is also covered in the warranty but I am awaiting their call but I do not hold out much hope.  

SBS is fully updated with SP 2 and any updates since.

Your help would be appreciated.
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The_Dark1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi there,

I understand that it is running slower and slower by the second,
Have you tried to isolate the issue in safe mode? Does it occur in safe mode as well? trying to eliminate a software bug, where an application is causing your machine to actually slow down.

Even with your Dell Support agreement, you can force them to change the MB on your server.
Advise them you are senior tech support - or higher and you have done all the standard tests.... and a rebuild (even if you haven't and you still have this issue... advise them this is a production server, and you need the MB Changed
Hi There

You could be getting time from which is notably unreliable.

Monitor the server clock, also set your NTP servers to one of the pools (search the forums for posts containing NTP and you will find a plethora of links)

Also I think you can check where your client is really getting its' time from if you open regedit on a client machine and go to ;

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\W32Time\Parameters\

Check the value on the SBS and adjust

Good luck
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garethstevens25Author Commented:
Sorry but I think that you have missed the important part of the post, for each 10 seconds that pass in real time the server clock only updates 1 second.  The server is running a factor of 10x slower than real time.
garethstevens25Author Commented:
They tried to get me to boot to a linux CD but I found that the SATA system is not working as well so they are replacing the MB for that fault and the suspected hardware fault on the RTC.
Gerat news, Lets hope this fixes the RTC issue on your server.

Good luck
garethstevens25Author Commented:
Motherboard replaced and issue resolved!!!!! Thanks for the assistance, you helped me push for the hardware replacement and the stop gap fix for syncing
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