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Exchange 2010 - Symantec Backup Exec 2010 incremental backup fails


We use an Exchange 2010 and Backup Exec 2010 R2 for backup. We deployed a weekly full, and a daily incremental backup. The weekly full works well, but the incremental fails, we get the following error message:
Final error: 0xe000035e - The Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange was not used to create the last full backup of this database.  You must use the Exchange Agent to run a full backup before you run a differential or incremental backup.

I've checked the store, and found the follows:

Get-MailboxDatabase -status | Select Servername,Identity,Lastfullbackup

ServerName                              Identity                                LastFullBackup
----------                              --------                                --------------
BIXMAIL                                 Mailbox Database 0314621290             2010.11.17. 4:07:57
BIXMAIL                                 Archive Database BIXMAIL                2010.11.17. 4:07:57

And eventlog (at specified time):

Exchange VSS Writer (instance 12) has successfully prepared the database engine for a full or copy backup of database 'Archive Database BIXMAIL'.

It's very interresing, because Backup Exec did not make a full backup in that time, and we do not use any other local backup (for eg. Windows Backup).

This server is a dedicated Exchange server, without any 3rd application (except BackupExec agent).

Do you have any idea, how can we turn off this full backup?
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According to the error message it is asking you to use Agent to create full backup. Do you create the full backup using exactly same agent?
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Yes. We create backup ONLY by Backup Exec.
Is there any archive created by this agent?
Do you have a Backup Exec Exchange 2010 License?  It is a separate License and cost additional.

Also make sure no one used NT Backup to backup Exchange 2010 after your Full backup was run.  If they did you will get this message as Backup Exec was not the program last used to Backup Exchange.  If they used NT Backup after your Backup Exec backup then as part of NT Backups final process it purged the Exchange transaction log files.
One more thing.  I think backup Exec would have noted this but make sure you are not using Circular logging.  You can't do incrementals with Circular logging enabled.

I'm still leaning toward something else backed up part if not all of your Exchange store.  

I would turn logging to full in Exchange and watch it closely over the next week.  You may want to take a look at AD and see what account have access to do the backup and check the current event log to see if they logged into the server around that time or usually a few minutes before.
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I appears, that some Exchange related service does some backup, and therefore the logs are deleted every night around 1 AM. I'm trying to figure out what service does this.
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We have a progress in the situation: we find out, that the log are truncated in the "database maintenance" time interval. 24/7 ESE is enabled, but what does this "database maintenance" do exactly?
Is it safe to turn it off?
What is doing the "database maintenance"? Exchange?
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Finally we found the solution for this problem.