Dreamweaver CS5 Template Not Updating HTML

Posted on 2010-11-17
Last Modified: 2012-05-10
I have a D'wvr CS5 Template applied to several HTML pages. However, changes to the template are not updating the HTML files. The Update Template Files dialog goes examines the associated pages, but does not update them.

I'm WAY behind schedule on this site and this is killing me.

Can anyone help? What do I need to post for you to see?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Question by:sulky
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Expert Comment

by:Jason C. Levine
ID: 34156851
Hi sulky,

Are you updating an editable region or a non-editable region?

Do any pages get updated or does it fail across the board?

Author Comment

ID: 34157054
Genius (love the name). Thanks for the response.

I am making changes to an editable region (in this case a menu).

No pages get updated, even though it is examining all of them.

Should I upload files or post them? Here's the test site:

The template file is here:
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Accepted Solution

Jason C. Levine earned 500 total points
ID: 34157121
>> Thanks for the response.

My name is Jason (or jason1178 if we are being formal).  Genius is my rank at EE which means nothing more than I've answered a lot of questions over a long period of time :)

>> I am making changes to an editable region (in this case a menu).

So the way templates work is that Editable Regions do not update when the master .dwt is changed.  An editable region should hold your site's content or stuff that is different from page to page (like title, description, keyword tags).  A menu system should NOT be inside of an editable region for this reason.  You test this by creating a brand new page and then applying the will see your changes show up on that new page but any future changes to the menu in the .dwt will not update the new page either.

The fix is simple.  Change the .dwt file so your menu is no longer inside of an editable region.   That update will propagate to the child pages, update the content, and tie the menu back to the .dwt for the future.
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Author Comment

ID: 34158115
you ARE a Genius!

I guess I should have my Dreamweaver put in time out for a while.

I had the concept of Editable Regions exactly backasswards. THANK YOU for straightening me out.

dave (just to be formal)
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Expert Comment

by:Jason C. Levine
ID: 34158183
>> I had the concept of Editable Regions exactly backasswards. THANK YOU for straightening me out.


Everybody makes that mistake with Templates initially.  Just thank your lucky stars that this was the issue and not the infamous Template Bug that Adobe has never quite managed to kill.

Author Comment

ID: 34158263
OMG - i don't even want to know about THAT....!

I did have one other question. I'm new to EE, so I might be chastised for not starting a new question? I'm not sure how this works. If I'm in error, forgive me and tell me.

If not....

Originally I was building this site with PHP includes to simplify my life when it came to updating things like that menu. However the IT guys told me PHP will not work on the server for some stupid reason I could not understand. So, they told me to redo everything in HTML, CSS, and JS.

The problem is, the way the menu is put together, I need to be able to add/delete buttons, descriptions, etc. and I really don't want to have to make that change on every page every time the boss decides to tweak it. Thus templates.

HOWEVER.... (strap yourself in). I need each page's "active" menu links to be different from the others  for wayfinding and I don't know of a way to do that unless I do it within the HTML for that specific link... back to needing the menu to be editable....

Assuming I haven't completely made you crazy, can you offer any hint as to what I can do to prevent having to change every page every time the menu is tweaked? Think PHP includes, but not.
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Expert Comment

by:Jason C. Levine
ID: 34159222
Typically you would want to ask this as a new question but I can give you a thumbnail answer.

What you want without PHP is pretty difficult but it can be done via javascript and cookies.  You store the previous menu item clicked in a cookie and then on the next page, read the value in the cookie and apply a new style on the fly.

Author Comment

ID: 34159547
or not! LMAO.

That is so far above my capabilities it made blood shoot out of my eyes.

Seriously, thank your for the help today.
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Expert Comment

by:Jason C. Levine
ID: 34159747
It works the same way with PHP, truth be told.  Cookies and (for server side stuff) Sessions are a crucial tool for any web dev or even designer in today's world.

Anyway, if you post the above in the Javascript / HTML / CSS Zones, you'll probably find someone who has that script written already and can point you to it.

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