Intraweb - Masking the addressbar "EXEC"

Is there a way to show "mywebsite" in the address bar as oppose the the "EXEC" commnand ?
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ebob42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you make it ISAPI DLLs then the port numbers will not show up. Otherwise it's the browser that will display the port number - I'm not sure if you can hide that...
Yes, go to the ServerController Unit and change the ExecCmd property of the ServerController to something else...
controlrAuthor Commented:
indeed. but the port still shows.. and it should stay trasparent to user..
Currently.. shows   and shold not show the  port number
any ideas or its a IW limitation?
Reason is if its not port 80, it seems to place the port on there
I have a few IW servers on same IP - each listening to a different port. but to user it has to look like a single "server"
controlrAuthor Commented:
great thanks!
Unfortunately - all servers are running in App mode
controlrAuthor Commented:
Thanks eBob!
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