WSUS across multiple domains

I am managing several domains, is it possible to set up a site to site VPNs and Manage WSUS from a central server and push the updates out to the DC's at each site ?

The central site is running server 2008 the remote sites are a mixture of SBS 2003, SBS 2008, Server 2008
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All you need is to make sure the WSUS server is accessable from all domains.  Setup your domain trusts.  Make sure that the GPO for WSUS is setup in each domain, pointing back to the server you wish for updates.

you may find issues with traffic accross the wide area links.
ronnie_urbanitAuthor Commented:
We will be setting this up to update overnight, the central site has a 100Mb upload and download connection
ronnie_urbanitAuthor Commented:

All is working correctly now
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