Outlook 2007 freezes when opening email requesting read receipt

We have a user that is running Windows XP SP3 and Office 2007 Standard SP2. When they receive an email that requests a read receipt be sent to the sender opening the email freezes Outlook for 20-30 seconds before the pop up asking for the receipt to be sent appears. There is also this lag when read receipts are set to be sent automatically.

I have completely updated his OS and Office install, ran a repair, disabled add-ins, turned off the to-do bar. Nothing seems to make a difference.

Please advise as to what could be causing this and how it could be fixed. Thanks!
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gfcnetworkConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Fixed issue by creating new Outlook profile
What anti-virus software are you running?  Disable your AV for a minute (make sure you don't leave it disabled) at test...
gfcnetworkAuthor Commented:
We use Trend. Unloading it and running the test made no difference.
gfcnetworkAuthor Commented:
No other resolutions suggested; had continued testing on own
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