How do I use the same email address for 2 display names in global address list exchange 2007?

I have a person that would like to be displayed in the global address list as two different names.  Is there a way to point two different names in the global address list to the same email address?
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eggm4nConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best way to do that is to have an alias. Just create a contact and forward that contact to the original mailbox.
To display in GAL, you'll need two accounts. You can create the main account and create send as/send on behalf, etc on the second account to link it to the main account.
DwciAuthor Commented:

Are you talking about a contact in Exchange that everyone can see on the global address list?
DwciAuthor Commented:
Adding a contact in active directory users seems to have worked.  Thanks
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