Auto open/expand combo drop down


Going to explain this carefully as I have seen forum posts where people are confused and give the wrong answer.

A drop down / combobox. This is one with the <select> html tag.

When there are items in it and you click on it, you see all the items in a drop down.

Clicking gives focus.

If i were to use the keyboard to TAB from a another control to the dropdownbox. How via javascript could I open the drop down to show all the selectable items as if the user clicked on the combobox with a mouse.

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hosneylkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could change the size of the drop down list on focus
ValimaiAuthor Commented:
thanks, i have seen solution like that. because the dropdown is in a grid/table, i cannot resize.
ValimaiAuthor Commented:
@hosneylk: thanks for posting that, however, while it reads like it is what I am looking for. The end result html does not work. The box doesn't open on focus.
Tried this in IE8 and FF3.5.
ValimaiAuthor Commented:
It appears there is no solution for this and I will close this question. Thanks for contributing.
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