how to install mysql and php locally on local computer running on Windows 7

Hello. I may have made up some mistakes on my system in order to get me to test a simple database scritpt I created online. I want to be able to create and test php/mysql script on my computer first before putting it online. The problem is that everyone has a different method of installing what in what order and this coupled with reading many different installation procedures have been giving me no end of problems. Here is what I did.
I installed IIS which was recommended and installed 3 different php servers with different settings from developer to server settings. I also installed mysql.
so I would like to remove all versions of mysql and php and ISS and start from scratch. I have files in a directory that work online and are stored in a directory on my computer. So what is the recommended course of action to resolve this????? Any help would be appreciated.
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sorry for let reply...
you can start mysql, apache server and php through xamp control panel
also configure it to auto start on boot up.

To create database use phpmyadmin, its get installed with xamp
you can very welll access it through xampp control panel

Just unstall php from control panel and remove the "php" viz folder on your c or d drive where your software gets installed. and re-install the php software.
if you would like to use the IIS refer below
install php, mysql with IIS
or if would like to use apache server insted of IIS
just try click to install everything..
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Remove all of the versions of PHP and mysql, along with IIS and install WAMP (

This installer will install and configure mysql, php and apache web server for you, so that everything works out of the box.


using apache+php makes life easy and try with apache server insted of IIS
As -null- suggests WAMP is a very powerful testbed for PHP and MySQL - I find it a great solution as you can choose your version of apache, php and MySQL, this way if you are working with a CMS or another framework you can pick you specific versions of the software for testing.
yes, you can choose the XAMP or WAMP 
PawloAAuthor Commented:
great. I installed both wamp and xampp and none of them will start the php or mysql services and I can't go into the admin panel in mysql to create a database.
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