user send mail in double


i have one user with one strange thing.
When she send one email, ppl receive 2 emails, each email is sended 2 times.

What can be the problem

Lotus Notes 6
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
From the archive db... good idea :-)

1. Compact her mail database
2. Replace the design (NOT Refresh!) with the correct mail template from the server, then test
If that isn't enough
3. Do a fixup on the database, then replace the design once again, and test
Check your logs and/or message tracking. You're looking for the point when
the message actually hits your server. Determine if you have actually
received two copies of the message, or if you only received one and it was
duplicated later on your server.

If you are receiving two copies, then the problem is on the sender's end.
The things which come to mind:
1. the sender actually sent two copies (often they made a small change, or
forgot to cc someone, so they sent it again with the correction)
2. I have seen this with senders with little bandwidth - their server starts
to send, it doesn't receive the part of the packet which tells it that the
message was sent successfully, so it resends it. I mostly saw this back in
the late '90s, but I suppose it can still happen.
3. There is some problem on the sender's server causing the duplicates.

If it is happening on your end, then keep looking through those logs to see
when the second copy comes into existence. I would suspect there is a
third-party product involved, such as antivirus.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
The AntiVirus seems a good guess. Can you ask her to switch off the antivirus, and then send another test mail out?
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This typically happens to registered Notes mail users.  The key here is that typically if you are using Notes mail and the person documents states Notes as the mail type, make sure the forwarding address and Internet address aren't populated.  IF you are not using Notes as the type, but instead "Other Internet" or "Other" because mail is being sent from Domino as SMTP, be sure once again the "Forwarding Address" field is not filled out.  I prefer to use "Other Internet Mail" rather than "Other" because when you change it to "Other" the field then says "Other address".  That field needs to be blank to avoid duplicates.

I"ve dealt with this a lot from a lot of customers and we've standardized on "Other Internet Mail" with the "Internet Address" filled with the e-mail address.  For Notes Mail customers, just make sure both fields are not completed, especially the "Forwarding" field or you will get two messages.

Let me know if you need clarification.  

fcp0rt0Author Commented:

mail system: notes
forwarding address: empty
internet address: have the internet address like all person

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
And check the AntiSpam as well.
fcp0rt0Author Commented:
where i should see that ? in client notes in person PC or in server ?

your solutions don't work.

is send duplicate in client.

already put off the antivirus and send 2 mails in same mode.
Personally I thought Kimmyel's idea to check for user error was a good idea ;-)  Perhaps the user is always double-clicking the send button. ;-)

Ok, on more serious notes (get it, Notes)...ok...seriously now...sorry, it's Friday.

The only way you can truly trouble shoot this properly is to narrow down the options.  First off, I'd try opening the users mail file on another machine/Notes Client, perhaps the admins, then send a message.  If you get only one, then somehow the location document or the user preferences has issues.  IF you are still getting two messages sent, then perhaps the user is registered twice in the system.  Perhaps Domino is resolving the user twice in the system and sending the message for each match.  Try these two things out and let us know what you find.

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
But first, do as Kimmyel suggests: check the server logs! You have to know if it's 1 mail in 1 mail out, 1 in 2 out, or 2 in 2 out, before taking any other steps.
fcp0rt0Author Commented:
already see....

don't know how but lotus client send 2 mails by each mail
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
So you see two identical mails arrive in the Domino server? In the log, Misc and Mail Router ?
fcp0rt0Author Commented:
sry.. i was out....
i will answer tomorrow
fcp0rt0Author Commented:
i see arriving to Domino Server in mail router but with diferent id

06/12/2010 05:00:30 PM  Router: Message 005D6242 delivered to Joseph
06/12/2010 05:00:31 PM  Router: Message 005D6E84 delivered to Joseph

In Mail routing event log
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
So the mail was indeed sent twice. When she moves to a different PC with her ID-file, creates and sends a mail, what happens then? And what when you, as admin, open her mail database and create/send a mail on her behalf? From your PC and from hers? What if she sends from a newly created database (based on the mail template)?

It serves to separate person from puter, to find out if it is database-related, installation-related or person-related.
fcp0rt0Author Commented:
well sjef

sending in my pc, with rights to access to her database, just one is sended.

"What if she sends from a newly created database (based on the mail template)?" create a new db ? or refresh or replace based on mail template ?

is if create a new, how can do that ?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Just create a new mail db on the server, like hername2.nsf. It won't receive mails, so you don't have to modify the Person document. Make sure the right template is used and that she can create mails in it. In the properties/preferences of that database, she should be set as the owner.

Ask her to send a mail from that database.
fcp0rt0Author Commented:

created a new db she just sent ONE mail. From archive db just ONE mail.

only send 2 in normal mail db. :s
Is the user a laptop user.  If so take a look at her local   You might find its corrupt and when mail is sent and passes though it its screwing it up.  also check replication on her client.  Check her local log to see if your seeing two message id's listed for the sent mail.   If all are clear try trashing her mail file design by replacing the design with say names.ntf and then back with the correct template.  Its going to mess up her inbox and if she's got notes open its going to scream at her but If somthings corrupt in the design thats going to get rid of it.  Her Inbox will look empty after you do it but it will update and repopulate in a few hours.
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