information from Windows dhcp

I need to fetch the current leases from a Windows dhcp server by a script. Or is a kind of dhcp query possible?
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Dusan_BajicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just add option 1 at the end
...... show clients 1 >> leases.txt)
You can use netsh dhcp server

netsh dhcp server dump

netsh dhcp server show all

then parse the output to the way you want.
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Try this in your script:

netsh dhcp server \\dhcpservername show scope scope_name show clients

What ipajones suggested will work, but if you have more than one scope you can run this as a .bat and get them all at once:

For /F "skip=5 delims= " %%a IN ('netsh dhcp server \\dhcpservername show scope') DO (
      if not %%a == Total (if not %%a == Command netsh dhcp server \\dhcpservername scope %%a show clients >> leases.txt)
GeologyETHAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answers. I tried "netsh server \\<server> scope x.y.z.c show clients", but this cmd doesn't include the client's name. I need the couple client's name + ip-no.
I modified the script dhcpcheckerv2.2 tow actual situation; it runs, but doesn't mail a result. Not sure what's wrong.
GeologyETHAuthor Commented:
The scripts works, but doesn't deliver the client's name + ip-no. Any other idea?
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