Word 2007 not underlining misspelt words until Spelling & Grammar is run manually


I've upgraded from Word 2003 to 2007 and the automatic spell check is not working.  It used to work fine in 2003.

The normal behaviour is for misspelt words to be underlined as the user types.  However, in Word 2007 this does not happen until I manually press Spelling & Grammar in the review options.

I have enabled the spell check feature in group policy and the other settings are applying correctly.

Thanks in advance,

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GilesmpAuthor Commented:
Checked both of those and they are set correctly.

But I appear to have fixed this issue.  The user had no access to the Normal.dotm file stored in a shared location.  Once they could access that the problem has gone away.
round upper left button - options (on the left side of "exit") proofing - select "check spelling as you type"
If that doesn't work, check the Language attribute of the text. Select something that is misspelled, and click the Review tab, Language, Set Proofing Language. Is the "Do not check spelling or grammar" option checkmarked?
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It's usually a bad idea to point the User Tempalte folder at a shared network location. Always point it to the C: drive (usually %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates). If you need to maintain a common set of macros or other stuff that you want every machine to have, create a shared network folder called "WordStartup", put the macros in a template called Utilities.dotm, and store that template in the WordStartup folder. Then on each machine, go into Word Options, Advanced, File Locations and point the Startup folder to the network WordStartup folder.
GilesmpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip, I'll look into that right away
GilesmpAuthor Commented:
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