"Cannot Shift Objects off Sheet"

I have a spreadsheet that I want to keep the focus on just what has been entered.  The easiest way, it seems, is to just check to see if the last row + 1 is hidden. If yes, then unhide row and add data.  There is one object on the sheet, an image.  When I try to all of the rows/columns, from the last filled row (23), an error appears:

"Cannot Shift Objects off Sheet"

Even after removing the image, the error still appears.  What's odd is that all of the rows except 1048573:1048576 can be hidden and all of the columns except the one just adjacent to the "Table" can be hidden.  I had the Table as a Table, but also converted it back to a normal range with no effect.

I was able to "Fill" those four rows with a color that is similar to the hidden background, but it looks odd when the last row of the table is 23 and the next row is 1048573.  Yes, I can keep the rows and column headers from showing, but am curious at why this error is occurring, and what can be done  to fix it, instead of just apply a workaround patch .

There have been several suggestions that I found on the net, as far as changing certain settings and/or clearing contents but those haven't helped either.

The other quick question is that it seems that hiding all of the unused rows consumes a lot of memory resources (makes it very slow), would this be correct or could there be something else involved?

Are there any other suggestions?
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Rory ArchibaldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hiding rows should not make things slow. It sounds to me as though you have shapes you don't know about on your sheet. What does:
Msgbox Activesheet.shapes.count

produce? It can also be an issue if you have comments in cells that would end up being positioned off the sheet.

A thought:

Sometimes when hiding rows/columns an object on the spreadsheet (such as a picture) will be resized to basically zero width/hight.  It can then be sometimes difficult to find it and remove it.  If there is something there it will produce the error you are getting.

If this isn't it try posting your file so we can take a look.

Hope this helps,

Cook09Author Commented:
I come up with 7 shapes, and where those would be, I don't know.  If I remove the one I want to keep, will changing .count with .delete remove the other six.

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gdonaherConnect With a Mentor Commented:

".Delete" won't work for you but ".SelectAll" will select them on the worksheet, the you can just press the delete key.

Hope this works for you,

Cook09Author Commented:
I did a check on the objects within the sheet and this is what returned:

Name      Visible(-1) or Not Visible(0)      Shape type
Comment 4                     0                           4
Comment 15                   0                           4
Comment 16                   0                           4
Comment 17                   0                           4

I do have 4 comments, lines 20-23.  Does having a comment on the last line make a difference?
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
In the UI if you press f5, then Special... Then choose objects, that will select them so you can delete the shapes.
Cook09Author Commented:
After Deleting all of the the Type 12 and 13 shapes, plus the Comments, then the Error cleared and I was able to Hide all the rows from 23 to end.  I don't know whether there was a stray shape or maybe if the last row has a comment in it, it poses an issue.

But, it seems fixed at this time.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Sub ShapesDelete()
'Ran each individually
    Dim myshape As Shape
    For Each myshape In ActiveSheet.Shapes
         'If myshape.Type = 12 Then myshape.DELETE  'ActiveX Control
        If myshape.Type = 13 Then myshape.DELETE    'Image
    Next myshape
End Sub

Sub Comments()
End Sub

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Cook09Author Commented:
There may have been several issues, but through working on the different possibilities, the solution was found, be it shapes or comments.
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